Am I a Narcissist?

Do you ever wonder….. “Am I a narcissist“? If yes, this guide is for you!

With all of the focus on narcissism nowadays, you may wonder if you fit the bill or if others think you’re a narcissist.

Narcissistic traits can fall on a continuum, meaning that most people have at least a couple of these traits at some point during their lifetimes.

While you may feel that a lot of these situations apply to you, it’s important to note that even if you have a lot of these traits, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a narcissist.

If you’re concerned, you should speak to a qualified professional to make that determination.

Because you can be blind to your own weaknesses since you really don’t want to feel like a bad person, it can be hard to take an unbiased look at yourself.

If this is the case for you, you may want to ask a close person that you can trust to see if these scenarios fit you.

1. You have a grandiose sense of self-importance

If life is a stage, you’re the main actor and the only one that matters. Everything has to be about you.

Due to your over-inflated sense of self, you tend to be arrogant and pretentious, boasting about and even exaggerating any achievements you’ve made or talents you may have.

At least in your mind, you’re better than everyone else in some way – more intelligent, more attractive, or stronger. In fact, you may frequently feel like you’re undervalued or under-appreciated.

2. You’re preoccupied with a fantasy life

You often daydream about a fantasy world where you fit in with your delusions of grandeur with a focus on your power or success, intelligence, beauty, or your perfect love.

You get so caught up in these moments that you often forget that others even exist. When someone interrupts these fantasies, you can become angry or defensive.

3. You engage in attention-seeking behaviors

You like to be the center of attention with all eyes on you.

You have an innate need for consistent praise and admiration, and you’re often loud and boisterous to draw the attention of others.

When entering a room, you feel like everyone is looking at you.

4. You have no guilt or shame

You don’t feel guilty or shameful when you take advantage of others.

You feel justified when exploiting those less fortunate. You often feel justified if you’re being mean to someone as if they deserve it in some way.

5. You have a lack of regard for the feelings of others

You’re not able to recognize the needs and feelings of others.

If you were, to be honest, you just don’t even give a second thought to these matters.

You may sometimes use intimidation to get your way, or you may bully, demean, or belittle others. You may even put others down in an effort to show how much better you are.

6. You monopolize conversations

Again, it’s always about you. You take control of conversations, often interrupting others to get your point across.

You engage in unilateral listening, meaning you listen just enough to form your next response. Basically, in conversations, you’re simply waiting to speak.

7. You have difficulty receiving criticism

Although you can criticize others, you can’t take any in return. In fact, your feelings are often easily hurt.

You may even feel humiliated if someone points out something you’ve done wrong or could do better. When holding grudges, no one can do it better than you.

8. You love to be in control

Everything must be under your control at all times.

Some people might even look at you as a control freak. You can be especially controlling in relationships, with every aspect having to go your way.

You also enjoy leading others and telling them what to do.

Most of the time, you look down on others and feel that everyone else is stupid, especially when compared to you.

9. You deserve special treatment

You easily become angry or impatient if others don’t respond to your needs right away.

You hate waiting, whether in line or for a response from a text you sent just two seconds ago.

The rules, though they apply to everyone else, just don’t apply to you because you’re so much more special than everyone else.

10. You love giving advice

Even when it’s not requested or wanted, you’re the first one to offer advice when someone else has a problem.

This is because you just happen to know more than anyone else.

With your intelligence, you can figure out solutions quickly, but you also do this to get the attention off of that person and back on to you.

11. You can turn on the charm

When you’re trying to impress someone or get close to someone who you feel is just as special and important as you are, you have a knack for words and telling people just what they want to hear.

However, once you find out that the person isn’t as perfect as you thought they were, they become yesterday’s news.

Friendships are superficial and don’t last long, and you find yourself in many short-term relationships in which you often cheat.

12. You’re super competitive

Winning is what’s important to you. You have to prove that you’re better than everyone else.

You’re a poor sport if you lose, and you may accuse your opponent of cheating.

Likewise, you tend to gloat when you win, often shoving it in your opponent’s face.

There is no such thing as ties; there has to be a clear winner.

At work, you can’t stand to share credit for a team achievement.

13. You’re always right

This means that everyone else is always wrong. When something goes awry, it’s never your fault, and you’re quick to blame others for the situation.

You’ll never take responsibility for your actions, even when they cause harm to someone else.

14. You’re regularly dissatisfied with others

Your self-righteous attitude often means that others rarely meet your expectations.

While you hold others to strict guidelines of conduct, you’re above rules and regulations.

No matter how much you try to explain yourself, it seems like others just don’t get you because you’re so much more special and unique.

15. Envy is a part of your life

You’re extremely envious of anyone who you feel is better than you in some way, whether they’re more attractive, smarter, or richer.

You have a sense of entitlement that you need to have the best of everything, and it’s hard for you to see others have what you don’t.

Alternatively, you feel that others are envious of you because you’re so much better than them.

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