ESTP Personality

Are you interested in the ESTP Personality type? Then this guide is for you.

Personable and fun-loving, someone with the ESTP personality type likes to be where the action is. Perhaps this is why this type is often referred to as the “Doer.” This person is spontaneous and free and much prefers being around others than being stuck at home by himself or herself.

You might see someone with this personality type following the latest fashion trends, and this individual may make moving up the social ladder a priority in his or her life. On the way, you can be sure the ESTP will make the most out of every experience that life throws his or her way.

Adventurous and enthusiastic, the Doer enjoys the thrill of engaging in risk-taking behaviors. As an extroverted type, this person gains energy by interacting with others. Directing his or her energy outwards, the ESTP prefers to always being doing something.

About 4 percent of the population can be considered as a Doer personality type, and more men than women comprise this number.

  • E – Extroverted: Influential, persuasive, outgoing, excitable
  • S – Sensing: Resourceful, observant, risk-taking, dramatic
  • T – Thinking: Logical, practical, blunt, convincing
  • P – Perceiving: Adaptable, spontaneous, flexible, impulsive

Those of this personality type prefer to keep things moving at a good clip, and they’re often the life of the party with a great sense of wit and humor. Preferring to keep things more superficial, ESTPs don’t really want things to get serious or emotionally draining.

Their focus on the here and now is often spent in physical activities, the more challenging the better. Thrill seekers extraordinaire, they tend to like those sports and activities that test their skills while pursuing potential danger and adventure.

When in a group of people, you’re more likely to see Doers flitting around the room engaging every group and person like the social butterflies that they are. There’s no time to focus on just one person because these types want everyone to enjoy their presence.

Although they enjoy socializing with others, ESTPs would much rather be in the center of any action rather than just having conversations. Highly agile and coordinated, these individuals can become very competitive.

Although those with this personality type will tend to give their all when it comes to higher education and other pursuits, they do much better with hands-on activities rather than traditional book learning. They may score low grades in school but not from a lack of effort.

More About the ESTP

Since individuals with this personality type can notice small changes in almost an instance, they’re really good at making snap decisions. They thrive on coming up with solutions to emergencies or immediate situations that need to be dealt with now.

More rational that philosophical, ESTPs are better at handling practical matters that will have results that they can enjoy immediately rather than making long-term plans or commitments that don’t provide them with that immediate gratification.

With quick minds, these people are often identified as fast talkers. They can be extremely persuasive at getting others to go along with their plans and are great at getting their friends and family to get out and do things together.

There are many words that could be used to describe someone with this Doer personality:

  • Realistic
  • Direct
  • Experiential
  • Generous
  • Active
  • Thick-skinned
  • Informal
  • Charming
  • Risk-taking
  • Pleasure-seeking
  • Carefree
  • Enthusiastic

Strengths of ESTPs

This individual is persistent. When the Doer wants something, he or she will go to great lengths to finish it. This boldness of character helps this person to break new boundaries and find the excitement that he or she craves.

The Doer is thick skinned. Rather than taking criticism personally, someone with this personality type doesn’t take this to heart and uses straight-forward facts to improve himself or herself. However, this individual will also be direct when giving criticism.

Someone of this type is sociable. Whether networking or socializing, no opportunity is missed by the ESTP. Although this person may not seek out leadership, he or she has a knack for bringing people together to get things done in a fun way.

The ESTP is passionate. When it comes to personal beliefs or interests, the Doer will go all in, giving heart and soul to something he or she finds important. This individual can also rally others around a cause.

Weaknesses of ESTPs

The Doer is blunt. This person doesn’t beat around the bush or mince words. If the ESTP personality has something to say, he or she will say it directly so that there is no doubt behind meanings or a need to read between the lines. They can come across as insensitive.

The individual of this type is impatient. The ESTP may seem to move at a pace that’s much quicker than everyone else. He or she doesn’t have time to wait around on others and must keep up with constant excitement and stimulation.

The ESTP personality type gets bored easily. When an activity or task no longer holds interest for this person, he or she is ready to move on to the next new thing to keep up their desired level of excitement. The individual can’t focus too long on one topic.

This individual is likely to take risks. Because excitement is at the forefront of this individual’s mind, he or she can quickly jump into activities that are dangerous or that pose some risk without first considering potential long-term consequences.

The ESTP Personality and Cognitive Functions

Information that’s received is processed differently for each personality type based on four functions.

  • Dominant Function: Extraverted Sensing
  • Auxiliary Function: Introverted Thinking
  • Tertiary Function: Extraverted Feeling
  • Inferior Function: Introverted Intuition

Extraverted Sensing

Extraverted sensing has to do with taking in information to make decisions based on the five senses. This could explain why ESTPs are such thrill seekers. They value the present moment. Although they’re energetic and love activity, it should be productive and have an end result.

Introverted Thinking

As the auxiliary function, introverted thinking helps Doers process information internally. This is what makes these types very self-disciplined and able to reach their goals if it’s something that brings them enough interest.

Extraverted Feeling

Although this tertiary function isn’t as developed as the first two functions, feelings for those with this personality type are directed outwards, giving them a strong desire to be engaged socially. Easily making friends, they love to be in the limelight.

Introverted Intuition

Finding connections and patterns between the present and the past comes with a good intuition. Since this is the weakest trait for ESTPs, they may feel that their instincts just aren’t that great even when they get strong internal gut reactions.

Relationships and the ESTP

Adventurous and playful, relationships with the ESTp are generally invigorating and full of excitement. Because this person seeks pleasurable experiences, he or she may prefer the thrill of the hunt over winning someone over.

Relationships can stay fresh if the partner is willing to enjoy activities with the ESTP and give this individual the freedom that he or she needs to maintain the necessary excitement in his or her life.

Intimacy and sensual pleasures are the forte of someone with this personality type. He or she can easily detect what his or her partner needs sexually and is more than willing to fulfill just about any request in that area. However, emotions are not attached to physical closeness for this type.

Although the Doer needs to feel social connections with others, this person may not be ready to connect more deeply on an emotional level. If a relationship isn’t working, the ESTP would prefer to move on to greener pastures rather than pretend.

Very popular, it’s easy for someone of this type to grow a large social circle of friends. The Doer can definitely be the life of any party and enjoys being the center of attention whenever possible. Because this individual can be highly charming, people are naturally attracted to him or her.

Someone with this personality type enjoys spending time in action with friends or family. If others aren’t up to the excitement or risk, this person will gladly find someone else who will. He or she is confident and doesn’t really care what others might think.

Energetic and enthusiastic, the ESTP parent is always ready to get up and do something with the kids. This person will enjoy exploring the world with just as much curiosity as his or her youngsters whether it be going on an outdoor adventure or completing a task together for school.

While great with kids who are outgoing and eager to get out and explore, children who are more sensitive can be challenging for the Doer. Sometimes this person might think that feelings are irrational, so the partner may do best dealing with these matters.

Work and the ESTP

Always up for an adventure, these individuals do best in work environments where they can move quickly and keep busy. Performing monotonous tasks and sitting still can really put a damper on the work ethic of these types.

Since they are so observant, ESTPs enjoy occupations where quick, logical solutions to problems are necessary. However, they need to be given some freedom to do things their own way to a point rather than by strictly following specific steps or procedures.

The way to keep the Doers doing their jobs is by giving praise when it is due. Raises or other forms of recognition can go a long way toward showing these individuals that their work is appreciated.

It’s hard for Doers to work under the watchful eye of supervisors, so they need to be given some flexibility and independence to get the work done. ESTPs enjoy experimenting to find out what works best in a given situation.

With their exuberant personalities, those with this personality type typically have no problem in getting along with others in the workplace, especially if everyone is doing their jobs. Consequently, they can’t tolerate incompetence or laziness and can be blunt in telling others what they think.

Positions of authority suit this personality very well. They relish the opportunity to try new ways of doing things and of being in control of situations. Although they may not be as organized as some managers, they make up for it in personality and charm.

Some careers that may appeal to the energy and adventurous spirit of ESTPs may include positions such as the following:

  • Police officer
  • Vocational teacher
  • Entrepreneur
  • Paramedic
  • Firefighter
  • Airline pilot
  • Sales professional
  • Athletic trainer
  • Detective

ESTPs and Their Hobbies and Interests

Because ESTPs love action, anything that gets the blood pumping and provides excitement is up for grabs. Flying, rock climbing, race car driving, and all types of athletic sports interest Doers.

Famous ESTP Personalities

Charming and putting themselves at the center of all things, it’s no wonder that there are so many celebrities that have been identified with this personality type. Some names you’ve most likely heard of are Donald Trump, Madonna, George W. Bush, Evel Knievel, Eddie Murphy, Ernest Hemmingway, Chuck Norris, Lucille Ball, Thomas Edison, Miley Cyrus, Matthew McConaughey, and LeBron James.


Active and adventurous, those with the ESTP personality are ready to jump in and get going. They look at the facts and can make quick decisions.

Highly sociable, they love spending time doing things with others. With a need to keep things exciting, these individuals like to keep their options open.

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