10 Signs an Introvert Secretly Likes You

Are you interested in the signs an introvert secretly likes you? Then this guide is for you!

If an introvert secretly likes you, it’ll be harder to detect.

An introvert isn’t the type to openly say they like you if you recently met. The person may seem shy if you initiate flirting.

Are you unsure if someone you know is an introvert? Before we move on to the ways to tell if one likes you, it helps to know how to identify them.

Introverts usually spend most of their time alone if they have a choice. They’re more comfortable like that.

Many of them need that time to recharge to deal with other social situations, work, and life. Socializing takes more of their energy.

Their personal spaces or safe spaces are sacred to them. However, not all introverts are alike. Some are extremely introverted, while others are slightly introverted.

If an introvert socializes, it’s usually in a smaller group of people or with only one other person. Introverts don’t all necessarily have social anxiety. While some may most simply prefer to be alone.

Introverts are self-reflective people who are thoughtful and observant. They tend to think about what they say and plan out scenarios instead of blurting things or acting impulsively.

Now that you have a better idea of how to identify an introvert in your life, it’ll be easier to identify signs the person may like you. These are some signs to look for.

1. They communicate with you

As a rule, introverts don’t reach out to everyone. Also, they tend not to respond to everyone who reaches out to them.

Frequent communication takes away from their alone time, and sudden or unannounced calls take a lot of energy since they don’t have time to plan.

They often ignore phone calls and instead opt for texts or emails.

If you call an introvert and get an answer, that’s a sure sign the introvert is at least very interested. Introverts who call you are probably interested as well.

If they’re excited to hear from you, they like you.

Do you get quick answers when you send a text or an email? That’s another sign the introvert may like you.

They sometimes need time away from technology, so getting a slow reply here and there may not mean an introvert has lost interest.

Look at the quality and content of the message. If it’s detailed, the introvert is interested. Sometimes, an introvert who likes you will text or call just to ask what you’re doing.

Show an introvert you like that you value communication by saying how much it brightens your day or encourages you.

2. They open up to you

When you talk or text with an introvert, what the person says can give you some clues. Does the person talk about the weather or thoughts and feelings?

If introverts talk about themselves and their deep thoughts, they let you into their world. They don’t let just anyone in. Introverts are selective and don’t easily trust people with those details.

You’ve gained an introvert’s respect if you’re entrusted with them.

If you’re the person an introvert excitedly shares the good news with first, the person likes you.

You can show an introvert that you’re interested in doing the same. Open up. Tell the person what you like, your thoughts, and your experiences.

3. They invite you to their safe spaces

While some introverts prefer to stay at home, others have special places they like to visit.

For example, an introvert may have a favorite place in the woods, a bookstore, or another quiet place to go and recharge.

Usually, introverts keep these places to themselves. They don’t invite people along since they need their alone time and relish it.

If you’re invited along to an introvert’s favorite places where the person usually goes alone, the introvert likes you.

Introverts certainly won’t let someone they don’t trust learn about their secret sanctuaries.

You can show an introvert your interest by sharing your favorite and most meaningful places.

4. They remember and recite details about you

No, introverts aren’t stalkers. You won’t see one sitting in a tree outside your window at night.

They’re curious learners who like to do their research. Yes, they’re smart. However, they don’t remember those details about you because they’re geniuses.

They tend to learn and remember details only about people they like intentionally.

If an introvert recalls something unimportant but funny you said in a conversation a few years ago, the person likes you.

If an introvert seems to know your interests or things about your past you didn’t share, don’t get freaked out. It means the introvert has a genuine interest in your life and learning what’s important to you.

That thoughtfulness is why introverts usually give meaningful gifts to people they like. You may notice that an introvert gives you something that reflects your likes, your personality, or a favorite memory.

If you like an introvert, let the person know you’re interested in knowing what they like, their past, and anything else they’re willing to share.

5. They go along with your ideas

Are you an extrovert or an ambivert? If so, you may be more inclined to go to places an introvert would find uncomfortable.

For example, let’s say you like the thrills of amusement parks, concerts, or other crowded and loud places. Nearly all introverts would not seek out those places on their own.

If you invite an introvert to a concert because your favorite band is in town, the introvert just may surprise you by accepting. If that happens, the introvert likes you.

They only step outside their comfort zone for people they care about, so be sure to let the introvert know how much their company means to you.

Don’t be surprised if the introvert wants to leave early or needs a few days of silence to recharge after the overload.

6. They share their creativity

Introverts tend to be creative people. Many are good at drawing, painting, singing, writing music, playing an instrument, or doing something else creative.

Creativity gives them an outlet for all their thoughts and usually brings some joy into their life. Not all introverts are into being entertained, and many prefer to entertain themselves through their creativity.

Since their creativity often reflects their deep or personal thoughts or things they like, they tend to keep the products of that creativity to themselves.

When an introvert shares these things with you, it’s a sign the person likes and trusts you.

Some introverts may discredit their talents or creative abilities. Showing them to others puts them in a vulnerable position that demonstrates trust.

Praising the introvert’s work and showing a sincere desire to see more is encouraging. Be sure to let the introvert know you feel honored to see those creative masterpieces.

7. They flat-out tell you about their introversion

When an introvert truly likes you, that person will want to take as many steps as possible to keep you.

Introverts aren’t disillusioned with their introversion. They know they’re not social butterflies. They know they go incommunicado sometimes and that it offends some people.

However, they also know they can’t just be who they are. This is why they’ll tell people they like about their introversion.

Think of it as a disclaimer. It’s not a “stay away” sign. It’s just their way of letting you know they’re different and their behavior isn’t a reflection of you.

It’s who they are, and it’s their roundabout way of asking for acceptance. Introverts can be some of the most loyal, caring and loving partners. You probably won’t be sorry if you can learn about them and accept them.

Reassuring the person, you can let an introvert know you feel the same. Let the introvert know you understand and respect the person as an individual.

Be patient with introverts’ need for personal space and any slow communications.

8. They become more affectionate over time

Since introverts take a while to warm up to people, don’t be surprised that affection takes time. If you notice the introvert becoming more affectionate, it means the person likes you.

Once an introvert shows affection, the person trusts you and is comfortable around you.

If an introvert makes a move, that’s a sure sign the person likes you. They tend to hang back, observe and not be the first to reach out. Stepping out of that comfort zone is a strong demonstration.

Always be respectful of an introvert’s affection boundaries. This is especially important in the beginning.

When introverts feel overwhelmed by affection early on, it may make some of them withdraw.

9. They give you advice

If there’s one thing introverts never have, it’s verbal diarrhea. The things they say are usually calculated and meaningful.

They may have a lot to say about deep or broad topics. However, it’s usually informative and relevant.

When an introvert gives you advice, it means the person cares about you and trusts you. Also, they don’t usually open up and share their advice with just anyone.

So, if an introvert advises you not to do something mildly dangerous, the introvert is probably very worried. That person wants to keep you around and wants you to be ok.

Introverts genuinely care, and they tend to offer good, well-thought-out advice.

10. They are very loyal to you

Introverts would do just about anything for the people they love. Is the introvert the person you know you can call when you need critical help?

Maybe you have some mutual friends and have a falling out with one of them. If all your other friends take the side of your friend-turned-foe, the introvert may not.

If an introvert shows loyalty to you, it means the person likes you. Introverts also value people who are loyal to them.

There you have it. If you notice all or several of these signs, an introvert may secretly like you and is trying to show it!

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