INFJ vs INFP: How INFJs Differ From, INFPs Out of all the Myer-Briggs personality types, INFPs and INFJs are the most commonly mistaken for each other. Superficially they do appear to have similar characteristics, but in actual fact, they are very different personality types. You only have to look at their individual functional stacks to … Read more


INTP vs INTJ: Understanding Those Differences Between INTJs & INTPs Much confusion surrounds internet forums regarding the similarities between INTJs and INTPs despite the fact they have no cognitive functions in common. In saying that, they do seem to view the world in very similar ways. Both INTJs and INTPs strive for self-knowledge and the … Read more

INTP-INTJ Relationship

The INTP-INTJ Relationship – What does it take to work? As with any relationship, the chances of a successful partnership must factor in how each person will develop over a period of time. Taking a Myers-Briggs approach to assessing the compatibility of personality types can uncover some fundamental aspects of how certain personalities interact – … Read more


INFJ vs INTJ: The Advocate and the Mastermind  Most adults are generally familiar with the Myers Briggs Personality types, in part because they have been used to assess strengths and challenges in areas from corporate culture to relationship dynamics. But minute differences between closely related personality types are often overlooked, in spite of the fact … Read more

INTJ Personality

INTJ Personality – An In-depth Review INTJs are otherwise known as the Masterminds of the personality types due to their deep level of perception. They are ‘big picture’ thinkers with an amazing ability to connect the dots, even when most people barely see any dots, at all. Being forward thinkers allows them to see possibilities … Read more

INFJ Personality

INFJ Personality – An In-depth Review Affectionally referred to as the ‘Counselor,’ the INFJ personality type is the rarest on the planet. The letters INFJ stand for the aspects of personality: Introverted (I): Individual, thoughtful, pensive, reflective, reserved Intuitive (N): Perceptive, pioneering, creative, instinctive Feeling (F): Caring, warm, honest, empathic, diplomatic, excellent listening skills Judging … Read more