Enneagram Type 1: The Perfectionist

Someone with the Enneagram type 1 personality is typically motivated by what is right and what is wrong. This type is sometimes referred to as the Perfectionist, and he or she tends to adhere to strong moral principles in both his or her personal and external lives. Both rational and idealistic, the Enneagram type 1 … Read more

Enneagram Type 9 – The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker Those with the Enneagram type 9 personality are often referred to as the Peacemakers. As such, they do everything possible to avoid conflict, both inside of themselves and with others. These types are typically soft spoken and accepting of those around them. They’re able to see situations from differing points of view. This … Read more

INFJ Compatibility

INFJs are very private people. Although they wish to develop close bonds with others, it’s often difficult for them to make the first move. Additionally, these types need time to be able to open up to others. Having a total dislike of small talk, INFJs prefer to discuss topics with meaning. As perfectionists, INFJs hold … Read more

INFJ Careers

Those with the INFJ personality type, also referred to as Advocates, have a lot to offer a potential employer. Conscientious and organized, INFJs need to have a cause even when it comes to their career choices. At the Workplace INFJs prefer working in a job or career that has a more humanitarian mission. Because of … Read more

ISTP Personality

Frequently referred to as “The Crafter,” “The Mechanic,” or “The Artisan,” ISTP personality types like to work with their hands. You’ll often find someone of this type making improvements by completely taking something apart just to put it back together again. Curious by nature, the ISTP wonders how things work and is likely to learn … Read more

ISTJ Personality

The ISTJ personality type is firmly established in rules and traditions. Most commonly referred to as “The Inspector,” individuals of this type focus on details and concrete evidence. An upholder of law and order, this personality type is prone to action rather than just words. As the most common introverted personality type and the third … Read more

ISFP Personality

Frequently referred to as “The Artist,” “The Composer,” or “The Creator,” someone with an ISFP personality is concerned with aesthetic appeal and sensory experiences. However, this type doesn’t like to be boxed in, so perhaps the better term for this personality would be “The Adventurer.” I – Introverted: Reserved, self sufficient, introspective, private S – … Read more

ISFJ Personality

Often referred to as “The Defender,” “The Guardian,” or “The Protector,” an ISFJ has an innate need to be needed. Perhaps the most considerate of all of the personality types, the ISFJ tends to focus on dedicating time and effort to helping others. It’s a good thing that this type makes up about 13 percent … Read more

INFP Personality

The INFP personality is referred to by different names. Because this type likes to spend time alone in thought, visualizing a better existence, the INFP is sometimes labeled as “The Dreamer” or “The Idealist.” The INFP’s compassion and ability to identify with the human experience and the emotions of others often leads to this type … Read more


Just by looking at the letters of these personality types, you might think that they’re nearly the same. Mistyping is common between ISTJs and INTJs simply because personality test questions can be ambiguous. Although these two types can share a lot in common, they function quite differently. Take a look at the functional stacks of … Read more