Enneagram 6 and 7 Relationship  

Are you interested in the Enneagram 6 and 7 relationship? This guide is for you!

Enneagram Type 6 – The Loyal Protector

Loyal Protector, Courageous, Problem Solver, Defender, Custodian, Inquisitive, Devil’s Advocate

Enneagram Type 7 – The Optimistic Entertainer

Epicurian, Dreamer, Enthusiast, Multi-Talented, Explorer, Innovative, Dilettante

Type 6 & 7 Core Patterns

Both Type Sixes and Type Sevens are ruled by the Head Triad. These are people who place feeling safe and secure as a top priority.

They are on top of things intellectually and have sophisticated, quick-witted senses of humor. When making plans, they tend to overthink everything and to do too much.

Gluttony and overindulgence are Seven’s downfall.

They use these things to hide their feelings of loneliness and insufficiency unconsciously.

Sixes are known for their dark sense of humor, which they use to mask their own extreme anxiety.

The Shared Values of Types 6 & 7

Since they are both ruled by the Head Triad, these two are passionate about thinking, intellectualizing, playing mind-challenging games, higher education, patterns, and trends, and discovering new ideas.

Sixes and Sevens love to lavish support and affection on their partners and show enthusiasm for the relationship.

They place a lot of stock in having solid relationships, in having witty discourse, and intellectual debate.

They also love off-color humor, going on exciting adventures together, and being silly with one another. These two are perfect playmates and lifemates.

How Type Sixes and Sevens Complement One Another

It is the tendency of Type Six to place his or her focus on things that could go wrong, or the likely pitfalls of a project, action, or place.

When debating, they seek out the weak points in the other person’s idea or argument. Sevens, on the other hand, are very good at finding solutions to problems, quickly and succinctly.

They focus on the positive and point out the things that are working, opting to ignore the negative.

This makes this couple well-balanced, as each can use what the other offers, and it helps them tackle obstacles.

The onlooker might peg Sixes and Sevens as unlikely partners, but this is a deceiving perception.

Sixes and Sevens share a love for the intellectual in a way that outsiders cannot always understand.

Their pairing is remarkable and exciting. They never run out of things to talk about and enjoy their brand of sophisticated banter and deep conversations.

Neither of these individuals is afraid of a stimulating debate, and each of them remains open to listening to their opponents’ suggestions and ideas, especially regarding problem-solving.

Both Sixes and Sevens agree that knowledge is more than proving that someone understands something, but rather about openly engaging with different cultures, places, ideas, and options.

Sixes and Sevens are known for being open-minded. In doing so, they serve to broaden the horizon of the other.

Each partner listens carefully to the other and uses his or her partner’s way of thinking to enhance his or her own.

Each pushes the other to delve into the innermost regions of his or her mind, to push the limits, even if to profundity.

Sevens offer a marked attitude of positivity that Sixes rely upon to boost their spirits. It inspires them to come up with new ideas and to think outside the box.

Type Sixes offer a much-needed reality check to the relationship, a pragmatic force, and a follow-through attitude that helps their ideas come to life and become realities.

Type Sevens help their partners see the earth in a boundless way, and with no limitations.

Sixes assist Type Sevens in staying well-grounded during times of stress when their normal tendency is to escape into their imagination.

How Types Six and Seven Can Get Into Trouble

Type Six are loyalists upon whom almost anyone can count for support.

Conversely, they can also be detractors, depending on their state of mind.

Seven’s tendency to be another’s cheerleader is counterbalanced by their tendency towards being selfish, depending on their current mood.

When these two get triggered, their behavior flips from smooth and easy to maladaptive and destructive.

They are capable of quickly destroying, not only their connection but that with which they share with friends, business relationships or anyone they trust.

These two have to work toward not allowing their dark sides to take over.

Both Types Sixes and Sevens are procrastinators, and both obsess about the future, which can be tainted by their tendencies toward perfectionism.

Since nothing in life is perfect, this can cause problems, as each uses the lack of perfectionism to avoid doing necessary work.

When at odds, Sixes can regard their Type Seven partners as liabilities. They need to feel secure, and Sevens are unpredictable, not providing the stability that Type Sixes crave.

Sevens continually need to try whatever is new, explore the world with abandon, and focus on possibilities that contradict Six’s cautionary perspectives.

There is no way for these two to maintain a sense of harmony between them unless each tries to view the world from the perspective of the other.

Type Sixes always view the pragmatic limitations of a situation and is not afraid to mention them when considering doing anything.

Sevens view this as oppressive, and because this personality type continually desires to try new things, Sixes can put a damper on Seven’s desire to overcome limitations.

Sevens can view their partners as “wet blankets” when they feel that Sixes are trying to circumvent some of their wild fantasies about doing anything that isn’t pragmatic.

Sevens refuse to focus on that which could go wrong, and, instead, dream on.

This couple must strive to view the world from their partner’s perspective, or they will be doomed as a couple.

The Things Type Sixes and Sevens Should be Aware of

Innovation is the thing that excites Type Seven.

Anything new with original possibilities causes them to change their focus on what is happening in the present.

Even when working on a project, they can shift their dreams beyond their boundaries into the world of the future and toward other, more exciting (to them) possibilities.

They can also flip quickly and jump from one project to the next, even if the first is not complete, leaving it cold and unfinished.

This type of behavior does not mesh well with the structure-loving Type Six. Sixes need predictability, stability, and consistency.

Sevens should be aware of this and to act accordingly, which could entail opening up the lines of communication more clearly to offer their partners the reassurance that they crave.

On the other hand, Type Sixes need to understand how, in the minds of their Type Seven partners, their parameters and limitations about being pragmatic can stifle a Seven’s feelings of freedom and creativity.

Again, this can also be resolved with clear communication so that each knows what to think about the other’s attitudes and why they feel as they do.

Communicating this way can open new doors for this couple and help propel them forward without the residual resentment that each would unavoidably feel without the advantage of understanding.

How Types Six and Seven Can Support One Another

Seven’s unstructured perspective can cause a Type Six to feel personally threatened or attacked. Sevens are this way because virtually everything seems like a limitation to them.

Type Sixes are this way because they crave security. By clearly indicating their needs in this respect, the members of this couple can support one another by honestly telling the other what each’s limitations are.

Each can be flexible and adaptable, and this is not the time to hold back.

Expectation management is one of the most meaningful tools they can use to solidify their relationship.

When they are solid, they have the potential to engage with one another on a permanent and harmonious basis.

Type Sixes can support their Seven partners by offering many freedoms and by not complaining when it is required.

Sevens can support their Six partners by offering frequent assurance that everything will be alright. It is as simple as that.

This is an easy-going couple that does not require much, in terms of emotional security, so long as the lines of communication remain open.


The Type Six and Seven pairing is one of the opposites, but they are complementary opposites.

This couple uses the perspectives of their partners to enhance their own lives and points of view.

The things missing in the psyche of Type Six can be provided by their Type Seven partners, and the reverse is true for Type Seven.

Each partner in this couple has unique talents and abilities that can complement the other.

However, they also share many things in common, such as their propensity toward higher learning, their examination of facts, and their talent at debating.

Both types are curious and take the information gleaned and consider it from all angles.

Neither is afraid to speak out when he or she feels the other person is wrong about something.

Still, because their relationship is harmonious, each person understands that being corrected should not be taken as a personal slight.

Together, these two are creators.

They can embark upon projects from different angles, and each will contribute to a unique approach that only makes things better.

However, Type Seven is not known for perseverance and can abandon a project mid-way.

Even so, Type Six is there to the end, so the couple can move forward.

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