Enneagram 8 and 8 Relationship

Are you interested in the Enneagram 8 and 8 relationship? This guide is for you!

Type 8 – The Challenger who Protects

Challenger, Leader, Rebel, Trailblazer, Negotiator, Chief, Protector

Core Patterns of the Double 8 Pairing

Eights are part of the Intuitive (or Gut) Triad. They are star representatives of the boldest and bravest of this particular cluster of typology.

They are the type who evokes such statements as, “My Way or the Highway.” The intensity of the Type Eight persona has a widespread effect.

It can be felt from the back of the room when one enters.

They are larger, if not in stature, than in the sheer presence of personality. Regardless of their physical stature, they occupy an enormous amount of space.

Eights are secure in themselves and are unapologetic about who they are.

This personality type powerfully galvanizes the attention of all they encounter.

Eight’s strong energy can manifest itself negatively at times, such as in aggression or anger, which can trigger anyone who witnesses it.

When they feel wounded, they can resemble a mother lion flying into a rage to protect her cubs.

Surprising to some, Eights tend to be wounded during their youth and, therefore, take the lead in order to instill a sense of safety into their lives.

This can be thought of as a type of emotional shortcut that they utilize to bring themselves comfort.

As leaders, Type Eights can bring vitality to any project. They work with passion and understand how to take care of business.

Type Eights can also take charge of any project that has been abandoned or managed poorly.

They are a take-charge type, and they know how to lead.

However, their leadership skills can sometimes become territorial, claiming particular domains, which can be tough to dislodge.

It is surprising to some, but beneath a Type Eight’s tough exterior lies a vulnerable softness that speaks to the personality type’s wounded, inner child.

This softer, gentler side is apt to appear when the Eight feels at ease and can relax in a safe environment.

Double Type Eight Shared Values

The Double Eight personality type combination has the same values, which are only influenced a small amount by each partner’s primary instincts.

They both tend to help the underdog and value justice.

When they communicate their emotions, it is by facing their fears and their problems straight on with abject honesty.

They tend to follow the rules and do things properly. They never do anything halfway.

Type Eights are intense, but Double Type Eights are naturally more so.

They have a deep, abiding passion for life and try to experience as much of it as possible.

They seem to have an innate sense of instinct and know how to find pleasure in whatever they do.

How the Double Eight Pairing Complements Each Other

It is hard to top a Double Eight pairing. The two have definitely met one another’s match.

Each one seems to compete to top the intensity of the other. This can be satisfying and productive for each of them.

They have a distinct understanding of and trust in one another and give one another relief from the world’s woes.

Together, two Type Eights share an unsurpassed passion for life.

These two can parlay their passion into being productive on many levels that enable them to accomplish many things.

Whether they are conducting business together or working on projects for their homes, there is a bond of genuine partnership that is unsurpassed in its steadfast abilities.

A Double Eight pairing usually does not leave anything incomplete.

If they set their minds to do something, they take the steps necessary to complete it.

Together, they have everything covered, from soup to nuts.

When two Type Eights are together, each can relax and enjoy life’s natural flow.

They can let down their defenses and soften their strict and disciplined routines to see the glory of the world around them with one another.

Double Eights can help one another reach their full potential simply by being present in the company of the other.

How the Double Type Eight Couple Can Get into Trouble

Without a double, Double Type Eights are intense couples.

At times, they are so much so that people on the outside can make harsh judgments about them.

The complaints usually center around their being “too much” or too forceful in their presentations.

Conversely, when two Type Eights are together, they, too, judge others and judge one another, especially when in disagreement.

This pertains to both professional disagreements and personal ones.

This presents a painful circumstance to find themselves in because this type of situation can quickly escalate into fierce anger and lay a blow to their otherwise harmonious relationship.

When they argue, there are few relationships as fierce as that of a Double Type Eight!

These two will frequently prey on one another’s power struggles, especially involving the ego.

They both need control and neither want to be seen as weak or vulnerable, so this escalates things even more as one attempts to outdo the other.

Both engage in defensive posturing, which creates more opportunities for stalemates, accusations, and volatility.

Type Eights have surprisingly thin skin, especially with their ability to throw barbs at one another and at anyone who crosses them.

If it happens to them, they can be easily reduced to tears.

They can quickly feel psychologically wounded at even a hint of judgment or mean-spirited remarks.

Additionally, because of their tendencies toward being territorial, angered Type Eights will frequently claim space, whether it is theirs or not, and will become protectively dominant over it.

What a Double Eight Type Needs To Be Aware Of

Behaving rashly or intensely to compensate for deeper emotions related to vulnerability, sadness, or softness is something to which most Type Eights can relate.

When working with another like-minded spirit in the form of another Type Eight, this should be kept at the forefront of all else.

All Rights are gentle on the inside, and you are not alone in your despair.

Regardless of understanding one another’s vulnerability, recognizing it formally can trigger an Eight to feel threatened or even embarrassed, which can result in aggressive behavior or upsetting.

The best course of action is to find clever ways to bond over one another’s vulnerable sides.

This can help ease tension and make the couple’s bond even stronger.

Power struggles come as a part of being a Type Eight. There is absolutely no avoiding it.

When a Double Eight match is made, the ideal way to avoid power struggles is by inventing ways to share being the leader or to alternate between being the decision-maker and being the assistant.

As juvenile as this may sound, it is the truth.

Private injustices are things that Type Eights tend to cling to.

You will find them recalling personal slights from years ago, with each memory a landmine in or their psyche.

These moments can divert attention from the real problem and trigger other unrelated issues.

It is also crucial to notice that regardless of how mad an Eight gets, there is always a chance for reconciliation, so long as both parties are open-minded enough to soften their stances and take responsibility for their actions and words.

Generally speaking, Type Eights desire to be close.

They want intimacy with one another but often will not do the work it takes to repair any damage they have caused others.

How a Double Type Eight Pairing can Support One Another

The best way Type Eights can support one another is by communicating clearly, thoughtfully, and sincerely.

Their actions should be directed, and their goals should be achieved side-by-side. Two Type Eights can create a safe space for one another by virtue of their presence alone.

Within the boundaries of this safety net, each can let his or her guard down as they or open their loving hearts.

Support can also occur when one partner listens to the other closely, especially about grievances.

Comments in defense of one another are helpful as well.

A Double Eight pairing is a “little talk and a lot of action” pair.

Rather than spending their time daydreaming about what they would like to have, each partner should support one other by helping him or her actually take action.

Achieving goals together is one of the best means of support there is.

Each partner in a Double Type Eight pairing brings his or her brand of willpower to the relationship.

Others might lack what it takes to stick things out and perseveres, regardless of the goal.

Two Eights can utilize this to their advantage by supporting the other in whatever endeavors the partner decides to undertake.


The Double Type Eight is nothing, if not strong and determined.

They are a couple that others sit up and notice when they enter a room, and regardless of their physical size, they are big.

They take up space with their voices and demeanor, even if their physical bodies are not big.

On the outside, Type Eight comes off as fearless and fierce.

While gentle and kind toward others, they are not to be crossed, lest their wrath is unleashed, which can cause great harm to the couple’s relationship or others outside of it.

However, underneath it all, they are soft, vulnerable individuals who crave sweetness and light like anyone else.

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