Enneagram 5 and 9 Relationship  

Are you interested in the Enneagram 5 and 9 relationship? This guide is for you!

Type 5 – The Curious Contemplator

Seeker, Looker, Professional, Contemplative, Curious, Scientifically Oriented, Analizer, Solitary

Type 9 – The Mellow Mediator

Mediator, Mellow, Peace-loving, Pleasant, Modest, Pacifist, Humble

Core Patterns Shared by Types 5 & 9

Fives are ruled by the Head triad, and Nines are ruled by the Gut triad.

They are both people who use withdrawal as their escape mechanism to retreat from reality when they feel particularly stressed, or when either suspects a conflict is nigh.

Fives tend to e thoughtful individuals who analyze, observe and hold a deep base of knowledge.

Nines are peace-lovers who easily accept others and try to keep strong bonds with those they cherish in their life.

Both parties feel a need to capitulate their desires and their sense of who they are as individuals.

Values Shared by Types Five and Nine

Types Nine and Five value love itself more than other couples do.

They strive for it and work toward attaining it. Fives have a deep-seated philosophical love that is broadly diffused over all of humanity.

Nines, on the other hand, need to have a more focused love that is the focus of their lives in a more immediate way.

They love it that their Type Nine partners are the loves of their lives.

They also care very deeply about the rest of the world, but it is not as evident as the love that is inherent in their relationships.

Type Nines find it easy to bond with others, and do so very quickly.

Primarily, they demonstrate that they care by working hard, showing dedication, and by being interested in people outside of themselves.

Type Nines show their love through unconditional acceptance.

They show obvious affection, and they maintain a calm demeanor.

Nines and Fives also share a love for solitude.

Both need to be stricter in their lives, and neither enjoys flashy or boastful behaviors.

From an early age, these two personality types tend toward modesty.

How Type Fives and Type Nines Complement Each Other

There are many things about Type Five and Type Nine personalities that are different from the others.

However, they still manage to make a complementary pair that seems like a natural fit.

If a Five and Nine couple is similar in intellect, both lean toward stimulating, wry, and witty conversational situations.

Each type brings something different to the table, but as a couple, they also bring intellectual traits that are harmonious and that enhance their relationship.

Type Fives do not shy from showing the world their masterful knowledge.

They also enjoy demonstrating their off-the-beaten-path style of humor that not everyone can understand.

Nines’s sense of humor is dry and understated, both absurdists who love the bizarre.

This, in and of itself, can open the door to all types of deep and lengthy discussions that others might not understand.

They use these opportunities to expand their partner’s horizons and to attempt to shift the worldviews of the other.

These two understand how to maintain an excellent balance between light and dark, what is real and not real, and the quality of being cynical and silly.

Fives are less gentle than their Type Nine partners and seem to have a stronger sense of who they are.

Nines are gentler and shyer and also attend to be more modest. Both types tend to shy away from promoting themselves.

Neither puts pressure on the other to be anything other than who they already are.

Fives and Nines enjoy a simple connection, one that is relaxed but never boring.

They share stimulating interests and conversations.

Nines offer their warm acceptance, bringing out their five partners’ softer sides.

Fives are more apt to have deep thoughts. They are clear communicators who are more rational and objective.

They contribute to their Nine partner’s sense of self-awareness and autonomy.

Physically, Type Nines are sensual and gentle.

Fives tend to be more unemotional and not as gentle. Their Nine partners consider them to be fascinating.

They are curious, and intelligent and spawn Nine’s interest like no other. Nines seem welcoming to their Type Five partners.

When together, Nines cause Fives to feel safe because of Nine’s trustworthiness.

Their connection will be simple, relaxed, yet stimulating.

To the relationship, Nines bring an open-hearted acceptance that allows Fives to soften and settle into a sense of being emotionally sustained, which is not a feeling Fives come by easily.

How Types Five and Nine Can Get Into Trouble

Types Five and Nine have different feelings about how much they wish to be involved with professionally-based projects and decisions.

While Nines long for the opportunity to make contributions, Fives not only wants to contribute. They want to do it on their own and without collaboration.

Type Fives are loners professionally, and this can be problematic for Nines who long for inclusion.

These two escape into their own imaginations, at times, and fantasize about how things could be if perfect.

When they get close to one another, they never relate to who the other person really is.

They relate to whom they fantasize that person is. There is a big difference there, and this can lead to problems at some point.

Each has unrealistic expectations of the other, and each has the potential to disappoint the other.

Neither a Type Five or a Type Nine is able to be 100% forthcoming about their emotional interior.

They are fortunate if they even have an awareness of them.

This alone can cause the relationship to become stagnant after a while because neither feels comfortable exposing themselves or deeply sharing their emotions.

They have difficulties sharing the very emotions that could, if exposed, be used to strengthen their bond and to enhance their relationship as a couple.

A Five-Nine pairing has such difficulty gaining access to their true feelings that they could even lose sight of the fact that they feel a connection.

This is how out of touch with their emotions they are. Nines have a difficult time when depressed, as they go into very dark states of mind.

This can be triggered by something such as cynical thinking or any other type of negative feelings or interactions.

On the other hand, Type Fives can also experience angst in their own ways, which also causes the m to become even more emotionally unavailable.

This can cause their interactions with one another to become dissatisfying and perfunctory.

All of these things can cause their relationship to become shaky and can also have negative effects on their professional lives.

What Type 5 and 9s Need To Be Aware Of

If each doesn’t take the time to understand how the other deals with expectations, time restraints, and deadlines, neither will be able to penetrate the door to understanding the other person.

Both of these personality types move slowly.

They work best at a languid pace and cannot make decisions or process information quickly before arriving at conclusions.

Type Fives require a lot of time to think about things before making educated decisions about them.

Nines must move more slowly regarding decision-making and forming their own opinions about things.

However, this type absorbs the expectations and judgments of those around them, which causes them to experience uncertainty.

Type Nines are definitely people pleasers, which can definitely cloud their judgment.

Both Type Nines and Type Fives are apt to drag their heels about making forward movement when conditions are not ideal, and they are not feeling satisfied.

Nines resent their contributions not having been acknowledged, and Fives will become sad and withdrawn into solitude.

This is also true of these types when they feel that they are under pressure or experiencing conflict. Each should also be aware of the other’s underlying beliefs and assumptions about issues.

The approach that a Type Five generally takes with the world is from a place of scarcity.

There is always pressure there to preserve resources, energy and time. This triggers the protection of their solitude and why they are so discerning about the ways in which they spend their time.

Conversely, Type Nines continuously endeavor to find peaceful solutions as they try to remain bonded with their partners and other close relations.

How Tpes Five and Nine Can Support One Another

Type Fives can support their type Nine partners by offering praise for their contributions to the relationship and on a professional level.

Each wants to feel respected for the role played in the relationship, and each wants to feel valued and a necessity.

An awareness of these needs can assist in the understanding of how support can be best distributed.

Type Nines can support their Type Five partners by acknowledging the sharpness of their intellects.

They can offer praise for Type Five’s acute thinking skills and for their ability to solve problems with such amazing skill.


Fives and Nines are as much alike as they are different.

Each feels the need for plenty of space, and each has a bizarre and unique sense of humor.

Both of these types need support from the other, which can be administered by showing recognition and support for their work, their intellects and their points of view.

A Five – Nine pairing struggles with accessing their emotions, but has the potential for a meaningful and long-lasting relationship so long as many deep conversations transpire that can clarify what each partner requires for happiness.

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