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Someone who is an Enneagram type 8 wants to be in control of his or her destiny. Often referred to as “the Protector,” the type 8 individual will do everything possible to control his or her environment, circumstances, and even the people in this person’s life to make improvements for himself or herself and others.

Never wanting to seem vulnerable, this personality is typically powerful, decisive, and self-confident. Always in command, the person who is an Enneagram type 8 may seem intimidating to others. This person may tend to be domineering and confrontational.

Extremely charismatic, the type 8 personality has a hard time following rules and prefers to be at the top of any situation in which there’s a set hierarchy.

Personality Traits that are Prevalent in Enneagram Type 8s

Enthusiastic and generous, those with this personality type seem to have an overabundance of energy when it comes to getting what they want. They don’t like to rely on others because they have a strong need for independence in all aspects of their lives.

Because of their confidence, these people can make difficult decisions when necessary, leading those around to be able to count on them during both thick and thin. However, they’re prone to angry outbursts, especially if they don’t get their way.

Basic Desire

Self-protection and self-control are the basic desires that are the driving forces behind everything that Enneagram type 8s do. With an additional desire to help those close to them, they’re likely to protect others from injustice in any form, especially those that they feel can’t protect themselves.

Basic Fear

When it comes to basic fears, type 8 personalities dread being hurt or controlled by anyone else. Because these types feel that vulnerability will make them appear weak, they’re likely to be on guard to prevent anyone from having the chance to have power over them in any way.

Getting Along with Type 8 Personalities

Intimacy can be difficult for those who are Enneagram type 8. Because of their basic fears, they don’t like to put themselves in positions where they may have to feel that they are emotionally defenseless. This applies to friendships, intimate relationships, and even to work relationships.

However, despite these fears, Protectors are happy to take charge of situations to help themselves or those who they finally come to trust. Generous to a fault, those with this type make great providers, always looking for ways to make lives better.

Although these individuals must always be in control, they can also be very sentimental, but they don’t always share their softer sides unless they have matured and can ultimately trust those around them.

Different Levels of Health and Enneagram Type 8

While the personality traits inherent in all Protectors are very similar, there can be some not-so-subtle differences that are dependent on the level of health that type 8s may be experiencing. Healthy, average, and unhealthy levels can bring out the best and the worst characteristics of all Enneagram type 8 personalities.

Healthy Level

When at healthy levels, type 8 is not only protective of self, but he or she is protective of others through actions. As this person is proud of his or her power and resourcefulness, the individual is likely to work hard to bring out the strength in others.

Fear no longer controls the healthy Protector, and he or she often will develop a vision for a brighter future. Additionally, because fear no longer controls this person, he or she will become more aware of his or her own emotions and needs as well as the feelings of others.

Average Level of Health

When at average levels of health, Enneagram type 8 will deny his or her own emotional needs. The individual may begin to feel that others do not respect him or her or that those who are close are not being loyal. This person may try to convince others of his or her importance, often developing a superiority complex.

As a part of the controlling nature of the Protector, others may view the individual as having a my-way-or-the-highway mentality. This person is more likely to be high strung and may snap at the smallest circumstance when things don’t go as planned.

Unhealthy Level

At an unhealthy level, this person might feel like everyone has turned against him or her. The individual will lash out without regard to the feelings of others, often engaging immoral or unlawful behavior to show that he or she is still in charge.

Becoming ever more controlling, type 8 may become dictatorial, asserting his or her power over every aspect of life. It is during this unhealthy level that the Protector may become violent and may develop sociopathic tendencies.

Career and Hobbies for the Enneagram Type 8

Hihgly independent, type 8 personalities find it difficult to work under controlling leadership or in environments where they don’t feel like they have a valid voice. While it can be difficult for those who are type 8 personalities to work for others, there are some jobs that work well with this type, especially if they feel their ideas and opinions are respected. However, they will always do best where they are in a position with some type of authority.

  • Attorney
  • Politician
  • Financial Advisor
  • Business Owner
  • Consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Executive

These personalities have a strong competitive nature that can be best expressed in hobbies such as playing video games, weight lifting, rock climbing, debating, and engaging in thrill-seeking activities.

Celebrities with the Enneagram Type 8 Personality

Some of the famous people who are Enneagram type 8s may surprise you while others definitely won’t. They include Winston Churchill, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Pablo Picasso, Russell Crowe, John Wayne, Ernest Hemingway, Sean Penn, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Fidel Castro.

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