10 Signs an Introvert Likes You 

Are you interested in the signs an introvert likes you? Then this guide is for you!

Trying to tell if an introvert likes you can be confusing, especially if you’re not an introvert.

Whether you know the person is an introvert or are still trying to figure it out, there are several signs that the person may like you.

So, let’s look at the top 10 things to watch for.

1. They start a conversation with you

Let’s face it. Introverts aren’t known for being social butterflies and just going up to talk to people.

If you just met, and this person comes up to initiate a conversation with you, know that it took a lot of effort. The introvert had to break out of a comfort zone just to say hey.

This is a sure sign the introvert wants to get to know you.

Take note – introverts usually don’t rush into relationships. If you’re interested, take it slow. They like to observe and know what they’re getting into.

2. They open up to you

Opening up to others can be about as hard as literally tearing down a wall for an introvert. So, how do you know if an introvert is opening up to you?

Pay attention to what the introvert talks about. When introverts talk about their own likes, feelings or hobbies, they like you. They don’t share that stuff with just anyone.

If the introvert shyly asks you a few questions as well, the person likes you. They don’t usually have much desire to get to know people they aren’t interested in.

3. They show signs of care for you

Like a faint sound in the distance, it can be hard to detect when an introvert cares for you.

Introverts don’t ask most people if they’re ok when they look down. When an introvert asks if you’re ok or asks if you need help, the person likes you.

Let them know how you feel or what’s going on.

It’ll let them know that they’re important enough for you to be honest with them. They value honesty more than being told “oh, I’m ok, no worries.”

4. They talk to you every day

Introverts don’t talk to many people, and they sure as heck don’t talk to many people every day. If you’re one of those few, consider it a privilege.

Since we all have chatty friends or family members who like to talk or text daily, it may not seem like a huge deal. This little hint is a telltale sign that an introvert likes you a lot.

Remember, it takes a lot of courage for them to reach out, especially daily. If you’ve just met an introvert and notice more and more communication each day, consider that a sign of genuine interest.

5. They let you in their safe space

The world is an overwhelming place for introverts, and they have one or more safe spaces. These spaces may be their home, a certain room in their home, a park, a library or some other place.

If the introvert asks you to come over or go to a place that’s usually where they go to be alone, that’s a sure sign they like you.

Keep in mind that introverts often go to their personal or safe spaces to distance themselves from people. When you’re invited into that safe space, it’s a sign that you’re a safe person to the introvert.

They’re typically good judges of character. If the introvert hasn’t invited you into a personal space yet, give it time. They usually do once they’re genuinely comfortable with you.

6. They tell you their secrets

Introverts don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. If you hear an introvert confiding a secret to you, respect that. It means the person likes you and trusts you.

When an introvert tells you a secret, be sure to keep it in confidence. Even if it seems trivial, it may be big to the introvert.

Many people become introverts because of childhood experiences. Whether those experiences include illness, trauma, bullying or something else, they only share them with people they truly trust.

If an introvert opens up about their past, listen. They’re giving you an important piece of their heart.

7. They know a lot about you

As we noted before, introverts are excellent observers. You may try to recall something you said or did, and the introvert will chime in with the missing information.

When an introvert likes you, they study you. Even if you think they may not be paying attention, they are. They may think about what you say you like or what you do for hours.

They’re not usually stalkers, but they’re researchers. They may go to your social media page to learn what you like so they have some conversation material, but you probably won’t find them hiding in your tree with binoculars.

If the introvert gives you a gift, it’s probably something you can use or really like. They’re good at picking out thoughtful and meaningful gifts based on what you say or do.

8. They give you thoughtful advice

Since introverts are thinkers, observers and researchers, they tend to give good advice. They constantly weigh the good versus the bad in every situation.

They’re often good at predicting outcomes in different situations. If you ask an introvert who likes you for advice, it’ll definitely be thoughtful, and it may be good.

When an introvert likes you, the person cares a lot about your wellbeing. The introvert may have already thought about your situation and may have spent hours trying to come up with a solution.

If an introvert offers advice, it’s not an attempt to control you or be bossy. The person genuinely wants to help. Even if you don’t want advice, just listen and thank the person for it.

9. They care about what you do or say

If you’re on social media and are friends with the introvert, that person is probably the first one to like your posts or share them. They may make comments as well.

The introvert may ask about your day, ask how a sick family member is doing or ask about your plans for the weekend.

They have a genuine interest in what you do or think.

It helps to thank the introvert for their care. Be sure to show reciprocal care, and you can build a deeper relationship.

10. They make physical contact

This is a sure sign an introvert likes you. It’s hard enough for them to open up and talk, but physical contact is a whole new ballgame.

The introvert may laugh nervously at a joke you tell, quickly graze your arm with their hand and then look at the floor. They’re not extremely confident, but they can force themselves to be a little bold when they really like someone.

Introverts only push themselves out of their comfort zones for people they like. If you know an introvert who does this, you’re definitely liked.

Just remember to take it slow if you’re aiming for a long-term relationship.

Also, keep in mind that it takes guts for introverts to put themselves out there by giving advice, telling secrets or doing anything that seems even mildly bold. If you reject what they say or do, they may crawl back into their shell.

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