Enneagram Type 9 – The Peacemaker

 Are you interested in Enneagram Type 9 (The Peacemaker)? Then this guide is for you!

Those with the Enneagram type 9 personality are often referred to as the Peacemakers. As such, they do everything possible to avoid conflict, both inside of themselves and with others. These types are typically soft spoken and accepting of those around them.

They’re able to see situations from differing points of view. This ability to see various shades of gray is part of what allows Peacemakers to mediate potential conflicts in an effort to keep the peace or to diffuse disagreements should they occur.

Basic Desire

What Enneagram type 9 personalities desire the most is internal peace. Although the focus is mainly on the world inside of the Peacemaker, this desire for absolute harmony also extends to the outer worlds of these types.

Basic Fear

Separation and loss are the greatest basic fears of type 9 personalities. They dread the possibility that they may not be included by others or may be overlooked in their external lives. Additionally, Peacemakers fear being drawn into conflict.

Getting Along with Others

Because Enneagram type 9 personalities value peace and harmony so much, they’re likely to go along with what the group wants in a given situation. Often seen as social chameleons, these types know just how to make everyone feel included.

With a large circle of acquaintances, Peacemakers are loyal friends who know how to have a good time and make everyone feel at ease. They value connections with others and want to feel that others value them to the same extent.

Because they’re so agreeable, they’ll go out of their way to avoid conflict. In an effort to avoid rocking the boat, those of this Enneagram type will often go against their own wishes just to please others. It’s important for those of this type to feel acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions.

Enneagram Type 9 Personality Traits

Valuing a balance between mind and body, Peacemakers desire unity and unconditional love. While they’ll work hard behind the scenes to achieve this goal, they still want to be noticed although they won’t toot their own horns in the process.

Those of this type often pursue spirituality and enlightenment and may often spend time daydreaming. Though bursts of unrelenting energy can occur, those who are type 9 are prone to long periods of inaction and procrastination.

Type 9 Health

To fully understand the Enneagram type 9 personality, it is important to understand how they can be different based on the health of their personalities. These levels of health are separated into healthy, average, and unhealthy.


When Peacemakers are actively pursuing growth, they’re at their healthy levels. These types are able to work for the good of the group, providing assistance to help improve the lives of others. Often seen as wise beyond their years, those of this type are great communicators and can get to the heart of any situation that arises.

Those with the Enneagram type 9 personality are typically the most active during the healthy phase and will work to complete projects or will even work on their own physical health. They’re at one with themselves, and this allows them to better connect with others.

During the time that Peacemakers are in their healthy stage, they’re more likely to take their own needs into consideration as well as the needs of others. They will stand up for themselves and will realize that what they want is important too.


During times of average health, those of this type are calm and relaxed. They enjoy what’s familiar and will often resist change. Preferring time in the comfort of their own homes, they enjoy spending that time alone, with their families, or with a few close friends.

It is when those with the type 9 personality are at normal health levels that they’ll avoid conflict rather than address it. They’ll typically shy away from situations that require confrontation. Avoiding problems is a main concern during the average health phase.

In an effort to avoid conflict, they find it hard to say no even if a situation goes against their own desires. They’re likely to become complacent even though others may be upset at their indifference. Procrastination is likely to become a prominent aspect of personality during this stage.


When those with the Enneagram type 9 personality are at their worst, they may feel that they don’t matter. They’re unable to maintain their focus on anything, with procrastination becoming much more pronounced, taking up a major portion of each day.

The unhealthy Peacemaker may become so lethargic and slothful that they simply go through the motions of life. Unable to accomplish necessary tasks, they can become critical of themselves. Disassociation is likely, and they will numb themselves to uncomfortable situations as a way of avoidance.

Because they avoid reality at this stage, they’re more likely to be in denial or may even create fantasies in their own heads that everything is fine. It’s during this unhealthy stage that the Enneagram type 9 personalities may turn to food or other avenues simply for a little bit of peace and comfort.

Careers and Hobbies

As type 9 personalities strive for internal harmony, they wish to help others to do the same. Some great career choices for those of this type include the following:

  • Teacher
  • Social Worker
  • Therapist
  • Librarian
  • Veterinarian
  • Religious Worker
  • Nurse

When it comes to free time, Peacemakers enjoy exploring themselves and the natural world around them. You may find them meditating, napping, relaxing with their closest friends, or outdoors exploring nature.

Famous Enneagram Type 9 Personalities

The Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Queen Elizabeth II, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, and Walt Disney are some examples of Enneagram type 9 personality types.

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