ENTJ Personality

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The ENTJ personality type is highly disciplined and logical with the ability to see the big picture in situations. A natural leader and always willing to take charge, it’s no wonder that someone of this type may be referred to as “The Commander.”

Because this type often views obstacles as opportunities to overcome challenges, the Commander can typically come up with workable solutions to even the most seemingly complex problems. Highly confident and strategic, plans are made quickly, yet they are generally well thought out.

These often intense people make up about 3 percent of the population.

  • E – Extraverted: Outgoing, assertive, expressive, articulate
  • N – Intuitive: Innovative, imaginative, creative, introspective
  • T – Thinking: Analytical, objective, logical, decisive
  • J – Judging: Competent, organized, fair, disciplined

With a strong ability to take charge of any situation, the Commander is very charismatic. He or she can readily influence those around to pull together to get a job done. However, this person has little tolerance for getting off schedule.

Not only does the ENTJ love a good challenge, this person also has a knack for helping others to bring out their best as well.

Highly energetic, the Commander seems to always be engaging in some activity or conversation. Seeing as this type is extroverted and loves to talk, the ENTJ personality doesn’t really like spending too much time alone.

Although the ENTJ enjoys spending time with others, this type prefers intellectual conversations. When it comes to feelings, someone with this personality type may appear cold and calculating when in reality this person is simply being logical and objective.

Because the Commander strives for effectiveness and efficiency, this individual doesn’t like mistakes. Someone with this personality will push himself or herself hard and may tend to hold others to the same high standards.

Schedules and to-do lists are a necessary part of life for the ENTJ personality type. This person feels more comfortable when decisions have been made and everything is planned and laid out.

Since the Commander has such a quick analytical mind, this individual can quickly identify any flaws in a present system while almost simultaneously figuring out a way to make things run more smoothly and efficiently.

ENTJ in Depth

ENTJs need order and organization in their external lives. These are the first people that you will find taking charge of situations that need direction. They’re great at sizing up the strengths and weaknesses of others, so they’ll readily delegate responsibilities to those most capable.

When making decisions, Commanders don’t generally take feelings into consideration, These people aren’t really good at determining the emotional environment around them or inside of themselves either. They aren’t purposefully mean to others though they may come across that way while being objective and impersonal.

Just because ENTJs don’t usually act like they have feelings, this doesn’t mean that they don’t and aren’t aware of them. These individuals can be just as sentimental as others, but they often see this as a weakness that needs to be hidden so that others can’t use it against them.

Unfortunately, Commanders don’t like for anyone to question their competence. While these personality types may become oversensitive to criticism, they typically lash out, becoming extremely bossy and inflexible to regain control of the situation.

There are many words that are frequently used to describe those with the ENTJ personality type:

  • Assertive
  • Outspoken
  • Hardworking
  • Enthusiastic
  • Competitive
  • Goal-oriented
  • Ambitious
  • Creative
  • Responsible
  • Impersonal
  • Stubborn
  • Impatient

ENTJ Strengths

The ENTJ is a creative problem solver. Whenever there is a problem, the Commander will never slap a band-aid on it and call it good. Someone of this personality type will promptly analyze the situation to come up with a long-term solution that’s typically outside of the box.

An individual with this personality type is energetic and determined. When it comes to meeting deadlines, the Commander isn’t drained by the thought but becomes highly energized in these situations, remaining focused and seeing obligations through to completion.

A Commander is a natural leader. Between the strong self-confidence and charismatic personality, the ENTJ personality type is great at leading and directing others to the completion of tasks. This person can maintain organization, keeping others on track.

This individual is strong willed and confident. Setbacks rarely impact the ENTJ. With intense confidence, once this person has made a decision, he or she will stand by it, facing each obstacle as a challenge that will be overcome.

ENTJ Weaknesses

Someone with this personality type can be stubborn. Begin confident is one thing, but digging in the heels just to prove a point is something else. When the ENTJ wants to prove himself or herself, this person will stand firm and not give an inch.

The Commander may be arrogant. The extreme self confidence seen in the ENTJ may very well develop into arrogance when this person gets frustrated at how others don’t match up when trying to complete a project or understand directives.

The ENTJ can seem insensitive. Since this personality type makes decisions with the head rather than the heart, he or she may overlook the human component in some situations. A lack of empathy isn’t intended, this type may just feel that sometimes emotions get in the way of progress.

This type may become impatient. Fast thinking and action come easy to the ENTJ, but this person needs to know that not everyone works at the same speed.

ENTJs and the Cognitive Functions

Each personality type gathers and processes information through four cognitive functions. This is how ENTJs view and react to the world.

  • Dominant Function: Extraverted Thinking
  • Auxiliary Function: Introverted Intuition
  • Tertiary Function: Extraverted Sensing
  • Inferior Function: Introverted Feeling

Extraverted Thinking

The dominant function is how ENTJs make decisions. As the dominant function in this case is extraverted thinking, this means that Commanders will make choices based on logic and rational thinking.

They often make snap judgments without taking the time to gather additional information, which can make these individuals miss a large portion of information that could be helpful when making plans.

Introverted Intuition

Always thinking of future possibilities, ENTJs may actually embrace change as a natural part of growth and existence. While they can see the big picture, these types have the rare ability to also see the details because of the combination of extraverted thinking and introverted intuition.

Although they tend to jump too quickly when making conclusions, Commanders trust their guts and can usually veer back on course when new information comes to light.

Extraverted Sensing

ENTJs like what they can judge with their five senses. They tend to gravitate toward the good things in life and keep them well organized and in good condition. They have an appreciation for beauty, and you may see this in their home environments.

Although Commanders do like nice things, they still place work first on their priority lists as extraverted sensing is only the tertiary function.

Introverted Feeling

As the least developed of all of the functions, introverted feeling for ENTJs means that these individuals have a hard time understanding where emotions fit in. Because feelings are introverted, they are less likely to provide an emotional response when one is needed in a situation.

Internal feelings will often be expressed through the decision-making process on a subconscious level. Exploring this function more will help ENTJs to prevent rash decisions and take the time to look at all factors that can influence outcome.

Relationships with ENTJs

Those with the ENTJ personality type take relationships very seriously and are looking for long-term commitment. These individuals will take personal responsibility for the course of the relationship, If they don’t think there’s a future, they’ll cut their losses promptly, often to the confusion of their partners.

Always looking for creative ways to keep the relationship interesting, Commanders like to make the partnership mutually satisfying for themselves and the other person.

Because they love to plan and organize so much, their love lives are no different. Whether it be an activity or even sexual encounters with their partners, Commanders lack spontaneity. However, those with this personality type are willing to make improvements to themselves for the relationship if they are presented in a logical fashion.

Although ENTJs may not always be able to detect the emotional temperature of their mates, they have enough intellect to know when actions must be taken. Consequently, conflict often occurs when the logical tries to mesh with the emotional, and ENTJs have little patience for discussion as they want to solve any issues right away.

Making friends is a direct effort for Commanders as these types actively pursue relationships with those who share similar values and beliefs. Because they will put so much effort into maintaining the friendship, they expect the same behavior in return.

Because they’re so focused on logic and rationale, ENTJs may find discussions with feeling-type friends to be illogical or irrelevant. However, their own desire for growth can help them to support these friends with more understanding.

Again, ENTJ parents take an immense personality responsibility when it comes to raising their children. Although these types will take the opinions of others into consideration, their authority must still be followed. A highly structured schedule is designed to provide children with a basis to develop into independent, intelligent, and successful people.

The ENTJ at Work

As with all areas of life, the Commander will hold himself or herself to very high standards when it comes to work. Although a natural leader, this personality type enjoys challenges and learning new skills. Someone of this type actually desires constructive criticism to make improvements as long as it is given through logic.

The Commander needs structure in his or her employment with directives laid out clearly and precisely. Ambition should be encouraged, with opportunities for advancement based on the Commander’s intelligence, hard work, and dedication to the company.

Although the ENTJ personality enjoys brainstorming ideas and working with others, this person prefers to lead the team or the discussion to keep things running smoothly and on track. If he or she feels that teammates aren’t keeping up, this individual may begin to look down on the others as somewhat inferior.

The leadership role is probably the most comfortable position for the ENTJ because the Commander loves interacting with people. This individual has advanced communication skills and the ability to think on his or her feet. Since this person enjoys taking personal responsibility, he or she will work hard to ensure work is done efficiently.

Being a confident visionary, someone with the ENTJ personality will do well in a position where his or her ideas, creativity, and organizational skills are valued. Some careers that a Commander may gravitate toward include the following:

  • Attorney
  • Manager
  • Top executive
  • Insurance agent
  • Broker
  • Architect
  • Pharmacist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Professor

Hobbies and Interests of Commanders

Playing competitive sports or attending sporting events are some ways that ENTJs relax and find fulfillment outside of work. As Commanders are naturally appealing to others, they also have a great sense of humor so may also enjoy stand-up comedy. However, as most ENTJs are mostly focused on work, may hobbies may be related to their employment.

ENTJ Celebrities

Some people you may have heard of that are believed to have the ENTJ personality include Nancy Pelosi, Vladimir Putin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Jobs, Pablo Picasso, Winston Churchill, Charlize Theron, and Gordon Ramsay.


Direct and assertive, ENTJs may come across as blunt, harsh, or arrogant. This is simply because they typically know what they are doing and how to get things done. Highly dedicated, those with this personality type will work hard to finish any project or accomplish set goals. Strong leaders, Commanders will put in as much work as they expect from those around them.

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