Enneagram 3 and 3 Relationship

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Type 3 – The Triumphant Accomplisher

Star of the Show, Productive, Motivational, Idol, Extraordinary Person, Best of the Best

Double Type Three Core Pattern

The primary motivating factor of Type Three is his or her propensity toward achievement.

This type enjoys success more than the average person, and can sometimes push the limits of competitiveness.

This is the type that works hard to achieve any goal that he or she sets out to achieve, and is often fully successful.

They tend to outshine all other types in the given field of competition.

When two Type Threes are paired with this same core pattern, their winning is virtually unsurpassed.

Long hours of hard work are no problem for the Type Three Double Pairing.

Nothing comes before winning, not even their health or their relationships, be they personal, family or colleagues.

The members of a double Three duo energize one another. Each helps the other rise to new heights of excellence.

When they work in unison, they will undoubtedly achieve success and even wealth, if that is the goal.

Shared Values of the Double Three Pairing

Any values held by a like-type couple are double-shared standards of the type itself.

Type Threes demonstrate a desire for excellence. Regardless of what they have, they will strive to make the best of it.

Their goals are always to improve on some level, and they prefer to work in intelligent ways that achieve what they set out to achieve through intelligence rather than hard work.

This couple understands how to take shortcuts that yield better results than taking a straight path.

A Type Three pairing takes great pride in its achievements and isn’t afraid of self-promotion.

They are a couple that lets it be known that they are the best, and can sometimes appear to intimidate others with their outspoken, prideful nature.

Type Threes love being around other people, especially when those people can serve as an audience to receive their tales of success and achievement.

Their friend groups vary and include many different types of people.

Each tale of success told by a Type Three to a group of friends is customized to impress that particular group.

The stories include words that denote value to the particular group. Type Threes value anything admirable in the people with whom they associate.

They seek out people who are outstanding in their fields, and often find themselves in the presence of those with exceptional qualities.

Type Threes share the trait of generosity, and when they succeed financially, they are not shy about sharing what they have with their loved ones.

They also tend to be dependable and loyal, both to their friends and acquaintances and to one another.

How Double Three Pairings Complement One Another

Each member of a Double Three pairing acts as a life coach to the other.

Since each of them strives toward excellence at all times, he or she counts on his or her partner to push him or her, in a way that only another Type Three can do.

The coaching Type Three understands how to push his or her partner in a way that takes him or her out of him or herself, and that motivates him or her to try harder.

The partner who plays the role of the coach is a motivating, supporting encourager who takes pride in sharing his or her partner’s success.

A Double Three pairing has the motivational factors that enable them to achieve what many others would consider impossible.

They do not even consider limitations, regardless of how unattainable a goal might appear.

Not only do these two achieve their goals, they do so with bravado and finesse.

The Type Three pairing needs to remind one another that pushing for achievement is not the only goal in life.

Each should encourage other to enjoy life and to take breaks before either becoming worn down or ill from the exertion.

Rather than trying to attain all the time, they should view their good taste and love of high quality to enjoy life’s many offerings, such as a beautiful location nearby, an art exhibit or an excellent home-cooked meal.

How Two Type Threes Can Get Into Trouble

Suppose either partner of a Type Three combination realizes that he or she is in a relationship that is not encouraging or supportive.

In that case, it is as though an emotional light switch is flipped on and both partners will fall into a game of being one-up on the other.

When these two compete with one another, the results are often negative, as the relationship will begin to deteriorate.

Tempers may flair, and either party might play childish games to get ahead of the other.

Petty jealousy may present as each competes against the other to be the best at his or her actions.

In some cases, the competitiveness can become unpleasantly extreme.

A Type Three pairing can get into trouble when either party becomes exhausted from overwork toward whatever goals lie before them.

Each party in this coupling has the potential to become a workaholic and will put in far too many hours than is sensible, simply to achieve the ideal win.

As success finds its way into their lives, they can become alienated from one another, friends, and family as they become engrossed in a never-ending surge of work.

Making sacrifices for others is not necessarily on the menu for Type Threes, especially when someone is perceived as standing in the way of Type Three’s success.

Type Threes want to be out front and #1 at all costs. It is fruitless to request that they sacrifice for others when each member of a Type Three relationship tends only toward self-sacrifice.

What Each Type Three in a Doble Pairing Needs To Be Aware Of

Each member of a Type Three union needs to carefully examine the other person’s need to receive motivation, encouragement, and rewards for their accomplishments.

Being properly acknowledged and congratulated carries much weight with both partners of this pairing.

Receiving encouragement causes a Type Three to work harder and to strive for more, often resulting in greater success.

Success, for a Type Three, is often its motivational factor.

Every Type Three needs to understand that his or her partner does not take kindly to any type of criticism and that a different approach should be taken to maintain upward mobility.

This pairing has a combined ego that is quite fragile and vulnerable to attack, or even a perceived attack.

If there is any type of inequity regarding roles played during a quest for success, it should be understood that the senior member of the pair should take priority.

Also, both partners should understand that everything about life for a Type Three is a struggle and a competition.

How Double Type Threes Can Support One Another

Being top dog in any situation is something to which any Type Three is prone.

Even if realized in only a minute way, this is of utmost importance to a Type Three personality.

This is why each person in a Type Three couple should afford some level of control for the other person.

However, in these cases, encouraging winning as a team rather than as an individual is always the best way to go.

The Type Three personality can support his or her partner by being a “cheerleader” for the other person in the relationship.

Nobody understands better than another Type Three personality exactly what another Type Three needs.

By offering motivation to one another, shared goals are more likely to be accomplished, and projects are more likely to be completed successfully.

This is a crucial component in pairing.

Type Threes can help one another further to attain their goals by breaking projects and other goals down into more attainable portions that each party can attain expediently and realistically.

This helps keep the other partner on an even keel and prevents displays of vindictiveness and harm within the relationship.

Each party can support the other by enjoying the other person’s successes and accomplishments.


To someone observing a Type Three Double Pairing from the outside, it can seem almost a fantasy to watch them compete and work toward attaining their goals with almost superhuman strength and determination.

However, this quality motivates this personality type far beyond any other motivating factor.

From a very early age, the Type Three personality will take on the characteristics of a competitor.

From that point forward, he or she will always compete frequently to win.

The members of a Type Three union work very well in unison with one another. The problems start if they should happen to begin to compete against one another.

This can bring out the worst in both sides and cause the couple to lash out and become jealous of the other in childish, petty ways.

In these cases, either or both members of the pairing might do things to undermine the other’s success.

However, when working together toward a common goal, they are not only likely to succeed in their efforts.

They are also more likely to grow closer as a couple, joining forces and gaining strength and determination.

To the Type Three couple, winning is everything. Therefore, each plays to win.

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