Enneagram 2 and 2 Relationship

Are you interested in the Enneagram 2 and 2 relationship? Then this guide is for you!

2 – The Advisor who Nurtures

Offers Assistance, Takes Care of Others, Giver, Generous, Nurturer, Altruistic, Good Person

Core Patterns of a Double Two Type

Twos are highly revered for being inherently good people.

Most of the time, they are warm individuals who try to look at life through a positive lens.

They are sensitive to the emotions of others and are themselves sensitive.

Twos can be affectionate and tend to be flexible and open-minded.

When in a relationship, they spend a good deal of time nurturing and optimizing it.

A Type Two personality motivates to instill more compassion and love in the world.

They feel validated when they are providing service, and in particular, volunteer service to others.

The Values Shared by a Double Two Pairing

The Heart Triad is home to the double Type Two pairing. Both parties are extremely emotionally within easy reach of one another.

They both strive to be kind-hearted and generous, care deeply for others and try to take care of them when possible.

Type Twos are usually charitable individuals who will move mountains to care for anyone they love. They tend to have empathy, and are flexible and optimistic.

How Two Type Twos Complement One Another

When both parties are working on a project together, two Type Twos compliment one another most profoundly.

They work best when playing equal, or close to equal, roles in humanitarian projects.

They are known for being excellent communicators, both to others and among themselves.

Type Twos are not afraid to be affectionate with one another in person.

A Type Two pairing is one in which each partner is always aware of the progress the other is making, and his or her general state of well-being is.

They are also in tune to one another’s needs.

Both Type Twos in a double paring love show support for each partner by offering their services in any way that might help make the other’s life a little better.

Their generosity and thoughtfulness is often geared toward pleasing one another’s partners.

They can even be playfully and lovingly competitive within the relationship.

Type Two pairings usually share a very strong bond of loyalty between them.

This provides strength, not only in the relationship but also in the other parts of their lives.

They often move in unison, both literally and figuratively, and sometimes feel uncomfortable with receiving from the other person, rather than giving to him or her.

This type of pairing results in two people who very badly need their loved ones.

Their caretaking characteristics can sometimes lead to misunderstandings about who is to do what, but generally speaking, both pairs are bright, warm, and have excellent intuition about what the other feels, needs, and wants.

How a Double Type Two Pairing Can Find Themselves in Trouble

Sometimes the insecurities inherent in a Type Two can cause problems.

Both can have problems feeling a warranted amount of self-worth, and both parties are known to try too hard to achieve external validation.

Sometimes, each can grow jealous of the other, which leads to competitiveness.

Each wants to be loved and needed as much as the other, and each has a desire for the other to rely upon him or her.

Not gaining this from their partner causes them to feel less valuable as human beings. Double the feelings with a Type Two double pairing, and trouble lurks.

One of the negative aspects of this personality type is that when a Type Two perceives himself or herself to be threatened or backed into an emotional corner, he or she can become manipulative in some sophisticated ways.

They cajole for attention by being flattering in a (sometimes) insincere way.

This behavior can lead to tension if their efforts do not feel believed or are not shown gratitude. Twos will feel threatened under these circumstances.

Because Type Two personalities are so focused on those outside of themselves, they can be known to neglect their own self-care and nurturing.

This forms a vicious circle of Type Twos feeling disconnected from the rest of the world.

These feelings can eventually develop into anger and feelings of being rejected. Emotional outbursts can arise in these cases, which are rare.

What a Double Type Two Match Should Be Aware Of

Type Twos need to feel loved and needed, which motivates their generosity, which can seem selfless to people who do not know them.

They believe that if they become indispensable to others, then others will love them and make them a part of their inner circles.

Type Twos take a great deal of pride in their giving and are quick to list all of the things that they have done for other people, which can make them seem less than sincere givers.

Twos do not do this because they expect nothing in return.

However, if a person does not show adequate thanks and gratitude, they will be met by Type Twos throwing their good deeds up to them unkindly.

This is a complicated issue for a double Type Two match because these two often compete for the affection and approval of the same people who are outside of their bond. It has the potential to cause problems in the relationship.

How a Double Type Two Match can Offer Support to One Another

On the job, Type Twos should be assigned specific tasks for which they should be given ample praise and recognition.

They will often try to be the best at what they do. This can downplay their feelings of being taken for granted and help avoid any emotional outbursts.

Twos can help one another make the most of their jobs by offering support and love.

When one isn’t properly shown gratitude, the other can step up to the plate and lavish praise.

Make no mistake about the fact that these two do want recognition for their good deeds.

This applies both to the requested tasks and those for which they volunteer.

Twos also need to work on their sense of autonomy, and to be encouraged by their partners to seek independence.

This can be accomplished by offering suggestions and exercising empathy as appropriate. Each should try to lead the other by example.

Each Type Two personality should provide a comfortable place for the other to air his or her grievances and feel safely supported.

While it is characteristic for them to receive anything from other people, they can support one another by offering unconditional acceptance.


Type Twos have a lot going for them, in terms of positive qualities. To the outsider, they can almost seem too good to be true.

Each has extraordinary warmth and sensitivity and is not afraid to show public affection for one another, friends and coworkers.

Their relationship match can leave others breathless when observing what appears to be the perfect match, but when one digs deeper into what motivates them, they might be surprised.

While they may seem completely selfless and altruistic, Type Two personalities can often be insecure and struggle with self-esteem.

They will go over and above board to help others, but they need and feel lost and unaccepted without due gratitude and recognition for their tasks.

Even when angry, they do not go overboard, but if not given the recognition they deserve, things will simmer internally until they fling a hurtful list of what each has done for the person who lacks the grace to thank them properly.

This is not to say that Type Twos are not sincere in their good deeds.

On the contrary, each desires to make the world a better place in which to live, and each spends a great deal of time trying to affect ways to make it happen, both on a personal level and a global one.

They exercise kindness and patience with others and always try to be supportive of one another and of the other people with whom they are in contact daily.

This much is sincere, but the quest for attention and gratitude remains a motivating factor.

A Type Two double match has the potential to develop into a permanent relationship.

More than any other Enneagram type match, a double Type Two match is most likely to marry and spend the rest of their lives together.

It is as though they were almost made for one another, and when they meet, it feels as though destiny has sent them to be with one another.

Their marriages tend to be successful, and their lives together tend to be happy and fulfilling.

They act as devoted parents and remain devoted to their partners, rarely straying from their marriage vows or, if unmarried, from their commitments to one another.

In a working environment, Type Twos prove their worth each day on the job.

They are dedicated to their jobs and try their best to show their coworkers the same acts of kindness they show their life partners.

The Type Two personality is always seeking ways to affect peace and are great mediator on the job.

They can quickly diagnose interpersonal problems and can find solutions just as quickly.

They are known for advancing rapidly on the job into supervisory positions and often find themselves as negotiators and mediators assigned by their employers who have observed them at work, making everyone’s lives around them better.

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