Enneagram 4 and 2 Relationship

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Type 4 – The Romanic Solitary Soul

Humanitarian, One who seeks beauty, Dramatic, Connoisseur of the finer things in life, Hopelessly romantic

Type 2 – The Compassionate Advisor

Nurturer, Eager to assist others, Caretaker, Good Samaritan, Altruistic

Core Values

Both Type 4 and Type 2 enneagram personalities dwell in the heart triad.

Type 2s tend to be generous and thoughtful individuals known to be warm-hearted and kind.

They long to be connected to others and can be quite personable. They go the extra mile to extend their helping hands to anyone who may need them.

People marvel at Type 2s ability to anticipate the needs of others and for their ability to be of service in any way possible.

Type 2s can often feel unappreciated when they find that their own needs are not being adequately met. This can lead to surliness and resentment.

They need a strong sense of personal meaning to be fulfilled and see an acknowledgment from the people they love.

They are altruistic givers who often find themselves working toward the greater good.

It is not unusual for the Type 4 enneagram personality to perceive themselves as being flawed individuals, whether they actually are or not.

This insecurity can cause them to feel as though everyone around them is having fun while excluding them.

As a result, Type 4s amplify that which is unique about themselves, so others will view them as special.

Shared Values

The pairing of enneagram Type 2 and Type 4 can result in a warm, passionate union so long as both members of the couple agree to share their feelings openly together.

Each party in this duo shares the desire to share hopes, dreams, fears, and insecurities, but this will not occur until they have overcome the initial intimacy hurdles inherent in the beginnings of most relationships.

Enneagram Type 4s and Type 2s are good healers for what ails the others. Type 2s contribute their exuberant energy and sociability, which causes 4s to feel more confident about interacting with people outside of the relationship.

Both Type 2s and Type 4s lean toward social warmth, thoughtfulness, and a tendency toward being generous and considerate of others.

Both are encouraging. While Type 2s are more action-oriented and pragmatic, Fours contribute their senses of humor and ability to see the bright side of situations, which results in a compatible union.

Type 2s usually encourage others, while Type 4s are emotionally honest, leaving themselves open to vulnerabilities.

Both members of this couple are action-oriented and pragmatic but have different motivations.

Type Fours have a deeper self-understanding than Type Twos and do not attempt to hide any aspect of themselves, regardless of how bad it may be perceived.

Type 4s bring a sense of beauty into the relationship, and Type 2s have a deep appreciation for that, so they are compatible in terms of what pleases them aesthetically.

Both parties are concerned with how their actions impact others and strive to be conscientious at all times.

Twos show great appreciation for the nuances and subtleties that Fours bring into the relationship.

Fortunately, this is of the utmost importance to Fours, who long for recognition and appreciation. Fours have an air of mystery and sensuality that Twos do not possess but would like to.

Each member of this pairing can amuse the other, entertain him or her, and to maintain a certain level of excitement about the other, even those quirky aspects that might be annoying to other couples.

Each member makes it easy for the other to mature emotionally and naturally. Both help the other to overcome any emotional obstacles that might stand in the way of intimacy.

How Enneagram Types 4 and 2 Compliment One Another

In Type 4 and Type 2 pairings, there are certain traits that each brings into the relationship that are compatible opposites.

For instance, Type 2s love to make people feel included inside their inner circles. While Type 4s often feel excluded and long to be included. This tends to work out well for both parties.

Type 4s enjoy partners who will join them in their projects, desires, and emotions, while Type 2s travel beyond empathy to become active participants in helping people with these aspects of their personalities.

Type 4s seek attention and want recognition for the good they attempt to achieve in the world, while Type 2s are natural-born supporters, or cheerleaders if you will, who can offer the emotional bolstering that Type 4s crave.

Type 2s are great at anticipating the needs of others, and Type 4s loathe having to ask, so these qualities complement one another.

Type 2s want to serve their partners during their times of need, and the insecurities inherent in Type 4s want them to do that.

There is a continual, balanced give and take between the two personality types that find one party filling in that which the other lacks.

This results in a highly compatible relationship in which both parties have the potential to be satisfied and fulfilled in virtually every aspect.

While Type 4s can sometimes be dramatic, Type 2s nurturing ways quell the drama quickly and restore a peaceful atmosphere most of the time.

Type 4s have a similar effect on Type 2s during flare-ups.

How Type Fours and Type Twos Can Encounter Problems

Type Twos can be driven to fulfill other people’s needs to feel needed themselves.

The problem with this lies in the fact that, at times, Type Fours are more prone to being solitary for long periods than Type Twos are comfortable with.

This can cause the Twos to feel unappreciated and resentful.

On the other hand, there are times when the altruistic tendencies of Twos will cause their attention to stray from their Four partners, causing Fours to feel jealous or threatened.

There are also times when Type Twos are motivated to care for others due to a desire to take care of themselves.

They long to be loved and appreciated for who they are, and Fours can be motivated to love them based on how they dote on Fours.

This can lead to intense conflicts, but they do not last very long.

While Twos and Fours are good communicators when it comes to expressing their needs and emotions, they each do it for different reasons.

Fours can, at times, feel as though they are the King or Queen of the universe and deserving of attention whether they deserve it or not.

Good-hearted Twos can lavish Fours with attention from their own senses of kindness, but can also be taken aback by Fours’ propensity toward being demanding at times.

Thankfully, these incidences are few and far between, so things tend to resolve before causing major problems.

What Type 2s and Type 4s Need to Know About the Other

While Type 2s and Type 4s seem to be cut from the same cloth, they can be motivated for different reasons.

Most of all, Type 2s need to understand that a good deal of Type 4’s motivation comes from feeling “less than” others and that deep-seated insecurity can rear their heads at the most inopportune times.

During these times, Type 2s are best off setting their own needs aside until Type 4s feel better about themselves and balance is restored. Then 4s will be more willing and able to give back in ways that Type 2s can appreciate.

Type Fours need to understand that Type Twos, despite being good-hearted, need just as much time, love and attention as Type Fours do and that much of what Type Twos give to others is what they, themselves, need.

This knowledge can serve as a queue for Type Fours. If Type Twos are being particularly self-sacrificing, it means that they need extra love and attention and could be going through something they have not been forthcoming about.

Both parties should be aware that during significant conflicts, it is the way of the other person to shut down, which can be problematic in this particular paring.

The answer is to keep lines of communication open, even if talking about something can cause bruised egos at first. Communication is the key to happiness between these two.

Both Fours and Twos have strong emotional responses to the world, and each party should be willing to support the other during times of stress, especially when that stress involves outside parties.


Enneagram Types Two and Four pairings can result in quite the romantic pairing.

They are both sensitive to the needs of the other and care deeply about those around them.

While there are distinct differences, most of the time, these differences can serve to fulfill the needs of the other.

This pairing can result in a strong bond that shares many advantages that other enneagram pairings do not experience.

Their natural tendencies toward empathy can reach an almost psychic level. They accept one another, support one another intuitively and emotionally and, for the most part, communicate very well.

In a familial context, Types Two and Four work well in marriages with children, as each falls into a natural hierarchical order in which roles need not be explained, and they can easily see eye-to-eye on most things.

On the rare occasions when anger flares, the discord never seems to last long. This is a couple that loves peace and harmony.

Enneagram Type 4 Compatibility with Other Types

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