Enneagram 1 and 7 Relationship 

Are you interested in the Enneagram 1 and 7 relationship? Then this guide is for you!

1 – The Moralist

Quality Control Specialist, Reformer, Perfectionist, Judge, Administrator, Rule Keeper, Crusader

7 – The Entertaining Optimist

Epicure, Visionary, aficionado, Multi-talented, Multi-Skilled, Adventurer, Dilletant, Innovative

Core Pattern

The Gut triad dictates the direction of the Type One personalities.

These are rational people. They are conscientious and let morals drive their decision-making process.

Ones also pay close attention to detail.

Type Sevens belong to the Head triad. They are driven by their pleasure-seeking tendencies and are drawn to excitement.

They do possess dark sides and often experience emotional pain. However, head-based emotions help deflect the pain.

Sevens need to have many different options available to them. They grow impatient unless they have flexible plans.

They feel that plans should be left up to them and that if something needs to be invented to accomplish something important, then Sevens are all over it.

While Sevens are more spontaneous, and more free thinkers, Type Ones utilize well-thought-out plans that will cover control over the implementation and structure of Seven’s plans.

Shared Values

Although Ones and Sevens have opposite ways of reaching their goals and getting what they want from life, they often possess a profound degree of idealism.

Both personality types love humanity, and both desire to have a positive impact on the world.

A sense of purpose can be a motivating force for types One and Seven. In their case, the purpose is usually to do something that benefits the planet somehow.

Both personality types appreciate the value of good planning and have a keen mind for initiating plans to accomplish something.

Ones and Sevens tend to have keen minds for envisioning how things will turn out in the future, although they are not the types to claim psychic abilities.

They just understand how to follow steps that will lead them to eventual goal accomplishment.

Sevens are the visualizer, and Ones have what it takes to follow through.

How One and Seven Couples Complement Each Other

Although each has different strengths from the others, Ones and Sevens still complement one another to a large degree.

Sevens are the enthusiastic ones that drive Ones in their quest to bring order, detail, and focus to a project.

Sevens are curious, positive, and playful and can manage to keep things moving forward.

Ones focus more on maintaining their strong work ethic and high standards, while Sevens are there to overcome any arising obstacles.

Both types also tend to focus on the future.

Ones feel safer when plans can be finalized, and there is a firm plan to follow, and, as always, Sevens stick with having flexibility in their plans.

They (Sevens) are the ones to light fires under Ones when they get caught up in the technicalities of organizing and structuring what they view as Seven’s chaos.

Ones are there to make certain that the plans are followed to completion.

Sevens and Ones are most compatible when Sevens work as inventors, using their networking skills to enable Ones to exercise control and follow through.

All the while, Sevens remain optimistic and enthusiastic. They use their fondness for flexibility in their own favor.

Ones can learn how to take themselves less seriously by following Sevens’ lead. Rather than viewing life as a source of duty, Sevens can teach Ones to view life as a source of potential pleasure.

The playfulness of Type Seven can help lessen the stress Ones carry throughout their life’s journey.

On the other hand, Ones can provide Type Sevens with a grounded set of principles to guide them through their visions and lead them to new growth experiences.

Seven’s focus and energy can be stabilized by Type One’s approach to practicality. Sometimes, Sevens can be erratic.

Therefore, the pairing can be fulfilling if the couple understands how they can establish an alignment with one another in an accepting way that teaches each to learn from the other’s varying approaches to life.

How Ones and Sevens Can Get Into Trouble

Types Seven and One use their differences to form complementariness within their union.

However, those differences can also be the root of the trouble in the relationship.

A stressed-out One can be judgmental, critical, and unflexible in their personal belief that he or she is always correct.

Sevens can be irritated by this due to their importance on openness, freedom, and hope for possibilities.

When Sevens note that their energy levels are stifled, they can bolt and run after abruptly withdrawing from the relationship.

Alternatively, they may learn how to step around Type One’s restrictions in a rebellious way.

Type Ones view Sevens as people who are irresponsible, egotistical, and immature. They often feel that Sevens are people who do not deliver on their promises.

Many Type Ones believe that Sevens behave as they do, not because it is their natural tendency, but because they are intentionally attempting to undermine that Type One.

Ones can view Sevens as passive-aggressive. Sevens can view Ones as too rigid and negative.

Sevens and Ones can find themselves amid conflict concerning resource allocation.

Ones can be thrift, while Sevens often take huge financial risks en route to their goals.

Ones view Sevens indulgences as too extravagant, which can stir up resentment on both sides.

What Each Type One-Seven Pair Needs To Be Aware

One must consider how difficult it is for them to find their lightheartedness. They should also keep their tendency to judge in check.

Sevens need to know that Ones’ sincere concerns should never be dismissed or ignored.

They also need to understand that their resistance to limitations can cause distress in the mind of a Type One individual, and to communicate their understanding to their partners in a way that will soothe their concerns.

In a business environment, Type Ones should work extra hard to communicate their expectations very clearly before they can really see any measurable results from Type Sevens.

Sevens can react in extreme ways if this communication is not gingerly stated. Ones can sometimes feel that they are walking on eggshells.

How Sevens and Ones Can Support One Another

Sevens are the perfect people to assist Ones with being more playful and to show them how to have fun.

If Ones can reveal their inner child and become more flexible, the relationship between the two has an excellent chance to last indefinitely.

Ones are the perfect match to help Sevens learn to be more responsible in their business lives and in their personal lives.

Sevens can help by not viewing Ones’ efforts as being too rigid or boring.

If Sevens can welcome negative feedback from a Type One, this will go a long way toward improving their One-Seven connection.

Sevens can also help by emphasizing how important Ones’ needs are to him or her. This will ensure that their One partners feel valued.


Unlike any other aspect of life, when two things are composed of total opposites, growth potential exists.

The opposite things between a Type One and a Type Seven are the same things that draw the couple together in a compelling way.

Opposite aspects between a Type One and a Type Seven can create attraction between the two parties.

Each aspect the other party does not possess holds the potential to teach the other person things that he or she did not know before.

It urges them to explore and open their minds.

Ones can be considered by Sevens as rigid, while Sevens can be considered by Ones as being not rigid enough.

When the couple’s thoughts are aligned, and each reaches toward the other with outstretched arms and a willingness to see the motivations behind why their partners do what they do, this can lead to intense bonding.

Once the learning phase has come and gone, when a new Type One-Seven couple meets and bonds, things can develop positively.

However, this will only happen if each is forthcoming about what makes each tick.

A severe imbalance can throw off the entire relationship if one cannot fully understand the motivation behind the other’s actions.

Clear and concise communication is the only thing that can right an imbalance this serious.

No other combination of personality types relies on communication as a solid tool as a Type One and Type Seven pairing. They solidly rely upon this.

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