Enneagram 1 and 8 Relationship

Are you interested in the Enneagram Type 1 and Type 8 Relationship? This guide is for you!

Enneagram 1 – The Moral Crusader

Reformist, Judge, Specialist in Quality Control, Perfectionist, Keeper of the Rules, Administrator

Enneagram 8 – The Challenging Protector

Alpha Male/Alpha Female, Protector, Free-Thinker, Reasoner, Ruler, Champion

Type 1 and 8 Core Patterns

Types Eight and One belong to the Gut Center. This means that their primary goals include finding autonomy and independence. 

Ones set out to validate their worthiness through word and deed.  Eights seek independence and self-sufficiency.

Each is motivated by power and justice. 

Type Ones are detail-oriented individuals who try to be attentive and pay close attention to detail. 

Eights, however, are grounded, protective, passionate, and emotional. 

While it might not always be intentional, there is no denying the fact that Ones can be overly critical. 

However, since Type Eights are determined to avoid vulnerability, they are compatible and move forward in unison. 

Type Eight and One’s Shared Values

The most common motivating factor between Ones and Eights is their compulsion to find justice and the truth that supports it. 

They both believe they have to stand up to anything that is not just, and both strongly stand up to tyranny and lies.  

Both of these personality types are determined and strong-willed and view themselves as aggressive warriors in speaking out about what is wrong. 

Ones earn the respect of Type Eights because Eights are so true to their principles. 

Ones respect Eights, because they stand up for their beliefs and are true to their word.

Eights respect Ones because they can so easily make sacrifices if it means they can persevere in life’s obstacles to stand up for that which is right.

How Ones and Eights Complement One Another

The pairing of a Type One with a Type Eight results in a couple dedicated to what it feels is its mission on earth. 

It does this with a strong and mutual sense of determination and purpose. 

Both people in the couple are practical, focused, and oriented toward taking action. 

A One-Eight couple is an action-oriented couple. 

Neither partner is afraid to make sacrifices to embrace what he or she feels is his or her purpose in life. 

They are both fair-minded. Eights achieve their objectives through the use of power, and Ones use their abstract principles and reasoning.

Eights believe automatically that things should be done their way, and they take it for granted that they will be. 

Ones seek to take the right direction, and since both types are direct and decisive, Eights impart a fieriness that acts to balance the natural restraint possessed by Ones.  

 Eights and Ones learn from one other’s opposite approaches, and between them, they reach great strength of character. 

These types learn over time to feel a lot of respect for one another and lean on one another to get them through life’s most difficult times.  

While Eights fear the loss of their power, Ones are there to bolster their confidence. 

While Ones try hard to think their way through situations in rigid ways, Eights can make them feel more at ease.  

Type Eights look up to Type Ones for their high ethical standards.  They respect their fair-minded diligence and admire their attention to detail. 

One brings awareness of justice and a high-minded conscientiousness. Eights, on the other hand, bring their own brand of social intelligence and daring.  

The pairing of an Eight and One can result in a highly productive couple that is driven and respects one another. 

They are also respected as a couple by other people. 

Together, they can accomplish what they view as what the world needs, and they are willing to work hard together to make it come to pass.  

How Types One and Eight Can Get Into Trouble

Others often characterize the combination of Ones and Eights as being like ice and fire. 

There are many destructive elements going against this couple, the primary one being that both parties want to be in control equally. 

Both have huge ambitions but are quite different in their approaches, which can open the door to conflict.

While both Eights and Ones tend to go after what each wants in a brash way, there are times when each person’s methods of going about it can cross what the other feels is ethical. 

Ones can view Eights as being too reckless or even morally corrupt, and conflict can arise.

Ones can be too stubborn and refuse to alter their judgments once rendered. Each party draws lines in the sand, which the other eventually crosses. 

These two continually push one another’s boundaries and cross the limit to what the other deems acceptable. 

The cheeky bravado of Type Eight, and his or her raw intensity can appear to be too much of a liability for the “by the rules” personality of Type One. 

This can cause Eights to view Ones as being too self-righteous or more critical than the Eights are comfortable with. 

They begin to feel scapegoated by One’s temperament, leading to heated outbursts with each party blaming the other.  

Eights cannot help but be provocative, and once they learn how to push One’s buttons, they do not hold back in pushing them.

They do it to be funny, to show their own dominance, or to stir up something out of boredom simply.

Eights secretly desire to see Ones break out of their illusion of perfection and make mistakes. This creates a lot of tension in the relationship.

Both Ones and Eights are stubborn, and it is hard for either of them to back down and admit guilt during a conflict or at any other time. 

Each tries to outdo the other, and both find it difficult to forgive the other when anything goes wrong. 

What Type One and Type Eight Couples Need to Be Aware Of

Type Ones should learn to be aware of how rigid they appear when it comes to issues they deem right or wrong. 

This is also true of their judgments about what is good or bad in their opinions. 

They must also watch for their ultra-sensitivity to criticism and suppress their desires.

Type Eights should know how easy it is to change their thought processes to adopt something new completely. 

They also tend to be unaware of their impact on others and can move to action too quickly. 

They need to learn to reflect on how those around them might be impacted by their actions before they move.

Eights and Ones both need to be aware that they tend to think in black and white with no room for shades of gray.

They both share an appreciation for getting things done, but this can be attributed to both parties having inner critics that are very vocal.

How Ones and Eights can Support One Another

Eights can be impulsive when taking action, and Ones can develop an appreciation for this because of their tendency toward being rigid.

Ones can take it to the next level by loosening their self-restraint and giving their Type Eights credit where credit is due.

Ones can work toward expressing their own needs so that Eights, who loves to please, won’t have to guess. 

Eights view this open and deep conversation as a caring and supportive gesture.

They love it when Ones can communicate to them to make them understand that One’s anger is not their (Type Eight’s) fault. 

Eights can support Ones by listening to them carefully and sincerely.  

Ones can help Eights to determine when they are pushing too hard. 

Eights can assist Ones by helping them light up when they become more serious than they should. 

Ones tend to be disappointed if they expect their partners to follow the rules, strictly as they do, so Ones can exert understanding when they begin to understand that although Eights seek justice, as they do, but in different ways. 

They follow different rules from Ones to accomplish the goals that they set out to accomplish. 


There is no doubt about it.  Type Ones and Type Eights are naturally drawn toward one another by their differences. 

For some couples, this might be an unpleasant thing, but for this couple, it makes them even more attracted to one another.

The problems arise when the One or the Eight forgets that they can arrive at their goals and destinations using different methods. 

Each expects the other to do things his or her way, rather than to act independently.  

While this romantic pairing is uncommon, it can also be among the strongest of all the pairings, but it doesn’t happen immediately. 

They must start slowly, and know the ins and outs of getting along with their partners. 

When true understanding finally “clicks”, they can form one of the most powerful pairings.

When healthy, a Type Eight – Type One pairing is motivated by a mutual desire to fight for the underdog and to the right the world’s wrongs. 

They often succeed. Both types fighting for justice together can affect more good in a shorter period than virtually any other Enneagram pairing.  

This is a pairing that needs time and patience. 

The magic will not happen overnight, but when it does happen, there is no mistaking that it is powerful, especially when fighting for the good of others and true justice.

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